What are you up to this weekend? It’s supposed to rain, but part of me loves getting to laze around inside without any guilt. :) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Mother’s Day is complicated, by the wonderful Anne Lamott.

Have you seen the new West Side Story trailer?

I’m the judge who approved the custody arrangement in the Parent Trap but in my defense I didn’t think they would go to the same camp.”

Mindy Kaling’s new audiobook is wonderful, especially the chapter on being a single parent.

Are these balls the same color?!!

I gave my underwear drawer a makeover.

12 moms on their secret strengths. Kate Baer’s made me laugh and nod. (New York Times)

Is this the perfect summer tee?

An honest swimsuit review. (Loved this!)

Candles are having a moment.

Salad on the same plate as dinner is one of life’s simple pleasures.

The documentary Trapped: Cash Bail In America reveals the major problems with cash bail. (Also, please consider joining us in donating to #FreeBlackMamas National Bail Out, if you’re able.)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Anju on 12 reader comments on living fully: “This post reminded me of a ritual I had for a few decades. Each and every night, I used to blow a kiss to someone absent before going to bed. As a child this was often my dad — my parents got divorced and I saw him only every other weekend. As a teenager, the kiss was always for my current crush, embarrassingly enough. When my now-husband worked abroad for a very long year, the kiss was for him. When my grandma was in hospital, the kiss was for her. When we waited for our adopted child for a number of even longer years, the kiss was for them. (My baby is seven now and loves to hear about the kisses from mom.) And now, I have my husband and my baby right next to me when I fall asleep, and I can actually physically kiss them good night. I think that in my past lives, I often felt lonely and misunderstood, but still, there was always someone to send a kiss to. And now, I am surrounded by love and so very grateful.”

Says Emily on a sweet proposal story: “My (now) wife had been in a deep depression for the year before we decided to get married. After trying many medications, she switched to a new medication on a Monday and told me that she started to see color in the world again. By Friday, over coffee in bed, we decided to get married. No proposal, no ring, just antidepressants.”

(Photo by Homemade Napoli Pizza.)

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