Alex Mill pajamas

Pajama pants, $45, for taking it easy all winter.

mad batter brownies cookies

Mad Batter cookies, $15 for a box of three. (And check this out if he likes Reese’s!)

David Sedaris best of me

A hilarious new book, featuring David Sedaris’s favorite essays and stories over the past 25 years. $30.

east fork food fruit candles

Food candles, from $18, because he’d think they’re cool. (Meat and cheese ones, too!)

Kule socks smiley face

Socks with a smiley face, to make him — and passersby — smile. $28.

Super concentrated cold brew that comes in four different caffeine levels — none, low, regular and extra — so he can make it easily all year. $20 for starter pack. (I LOVE this and drink it all the time.)

hay clear umbrella

A Danish see-through umbrella for beautiful walks in the rain, $25.

pf candle co diffuser

A diffuser to make his apartment smell great, $24. (They also have $16 car scents.)

reigning champ pullover hoodie

Reigning Champ pullover because all hoodies are NOT created equal. This one is soft, more form-fitting (aka not balloon-y) and super high quality to be his uniform for years and years. Perfect for these wild times! From $108. (More colors here.)

New Yorker tote by Adam JK

A funny tote, $30, for all his errands.

ACLU donation

A donation in his name to the ACLU, ’cause that’s what the cool kids do.

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(Cold brew photo by Martí Sans/Stocksy.)

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