Gift Guide #6: Your Brother Who Is Secretly a Great Singer and Can Make Kids Everywhere Laugh.

Alex Mill pajamas

Pajama pants, $45, for taking it easy all winter.

mad batter brownies cookies

Mad Batter cookies, $15 for a box of three. (And check this out if he likes Reese’s!)

David Sedaris best of me

A hilarious new book, featuring David Sedaris’s favorite essays and stories over the past 25 years. $30.

east fork food fruit candles

Food candles, from $18, because he’d think they’re cool. (Meat and cheese ones, too!)

Kule socks smiley face

Socks with a smiley face, to make him — and passersby — smile. $28.

Super concentrated cold brew that comes in four different caffeine levels — none, low, regular and extra — so he can make it easily all year. $20 for starter pack. (I LOVE this and drink it all the time.)

hay clear umbrella

A Danish see-through umbrella for beautiful walks in the rain, $25.

pf candle co diffuser

A diffuser to make his apartment smell great, $24. (They also have $16 car scents.)

reigning champ pullover hoodie

Reigning Champ pullover because all hoodies are NOT created equal. This one is soft, more form-fitting (aka not balloon-y) and super high quality to be his uniform for years and years. Perfect for these wild times! From $108. (More colors here.)

New Yorker tote by Adam JK

A funny tote, $30, for all his errands.

ACLU donation

A donation in his name to the ACLU, ’cause that’s what the cool kids do.

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(Cold brew photo by Martí Sans/Stocksy.)

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  1. Cora says...

    I love that you have a brother, Jo, and that we know basically nothing about him. It feels very “old world” in the best way. I know you’ve mentioned he’s fairly private and it’s nice you’ve honored his privacy so consistently.

  2. laura says...

    i remember you posting the food candles last year or another year! i’m obsessed – they’re the coolest idea :)

  3. Becs says...

    Cold brew is my favorite; the low acidity makes my belly much happier! But did you know you can also drink it hot? It tastes weird if you heat the actual concentrate, so instead, boil/steam/microwave your water and milk, and then add the cold brew concentrate last. yum :)

  4. Ceridwen says...

    Loving the guide SO much! You show what gift giving is about; thoughtful gestures to those you love. Doesn’t need to be about accumulation of ‘stuff’.

  5. shannon says...

    But where’s the beard hat!!?

    • K says...

      Came here to say exactly this!

    • Joanna Goddard says...


    • Brooke says...


  6. Marisa says...

    I love these lists every year! I was wondering how many of these you actually get for your family, Joanna? Do you just tell them not to read your blog during the holidays so that their gifts won’t be spoiled? haha

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      I usually get something from the list but they don’t know which thing!

  7. Courtney says...

    Your lists make me happy!

  8. Zoe says...

    Great list! Any recommendations for a cool baseball cap that’s not sports team-themed or with a prominent logo? For an outdoorsy brother without any particular sports team or brand allegiance, and I’ve been having the hardest time finding a good one!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Yes! Why don’t you get him one with his initial? These are cool:

    • Bailey says...

      If he’s an outdoorsy dude he might like a hat from Woosah, which is a super cool brand here (where I live) in Michigan! They make baseball hats and a million other cool nature-inspired home/apparel items :)

    • Em says...

      Bailey- it’s exciting to see someone from GR on here!

  9. Susan S. says...

    No way! This describes my brother exactly – he has the loveliest singing voice. COJ always finds a way to remind me of home, thank you xo

  10. Emily Schreck says...

    i love this list! and i am so thankful to have a brother.

  11. Eloise says...

    Grabbing the umbrella for myself!

  12. Jessica Camerata says...

    But those cookies look INSANE! I’d love those on my own christmas list!

    xo Jessica

    • Joanna Goddard says...