the easiest relationship tip

My grandfather always did the sweetest thing for my grandmother…

Whenever he ran errands or popped to the grocery store, he’d bring home a chocolate chip cookie for her. He knew she loved them and it was an easy way to make her day.

Since hearing about this ritual, I’ve tried to work it into my own marriage. Now and again, when taking a walk, I’ll bring home something small for Alex that I know he’ll especially like — a pack of malted Whoppers, a bottle of Malbec, or maybe a stick of beef jerky (which is weirdly the way to his heart). And he’ll do the same for me with flowers or chocolate or a hunk of stinky cheese.

In her weekly newsletter, Maybe Baby, Haley Nahman recently wrote about the ways she and her boyfriend keep their cohabitation running smoothly:

We occasionally “turn in” at different times to give each other the chance to go to bed alone (thrilling!); we regularly make time to clean the house together then light candles and put on good music and cook a big dinner; we spend days apart so we have an excuse to text (is this dark? we’re good at texting!); we generally try to contribute equally but not get too hung up on going tit-for-tat; we’re forever each other’s bodega santa (a.k.a. “a member of your household who goes to the bodega for something you need and comes back with a variety of random/unnecessary treats”)…

Bodega santa! I love that so much. It’s such a simple thing to do to brighten your partner’s day, especially during these crazy times.

Thoughts? Would or do you do this?

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