1. Tovah says...

    i burst out laughing when I saw this (linked from your post on Alex’s party, which looked fabulous!!)– my kiddo just turned 2 this week, and rejected his special “birfday cuh-cake” in favor of a hunk of “birfday cheese!” Great minds think alike.

  2. Birthday cheese instance of a cake is a really good idea, I do not care if my mom give a cheese in my next B-day

  3. hey there.. love your blog!

    would love to know where you get your non-shiny tights.. xo

  4. You are definitely one of the few people I’ve heard also say that they’re not fans of cake! the cheese is so cute :)

  5. Happy, happy belated birthday!! :) I think it’s genius – having cheese instead of cake!! (Wish I *didn’t* love cake so much – ha ha!)

  6. i don’t like cake, either. glad to know i’m not the only one! that cheese looks yummy.
    happy belated birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I’m a big fan of your blog from Japan.
    Your blog is full of love and I feel so warm reading your posts.
    Arigato gozaimasu. (thank you)

    I think Birthday Cheese is a great idea for a gift.
    Do you say Cheese when you make people smile? We do in Japan.
    Big smile for birthday is a very good match.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,

    PS..I don’t like cake with any kind of cream on. Cheese cake is my favorite!

  8. Kelsey says...

    Yum! Too cute!

  9. Awwww! How sweet is that?! What a thoughtful&sweet husband you have, Joanna.

    I can’t wait to hopefully be married someday! I hope I’m as adorable as you. I love your striped sweater! So cute♥

    Happy birthday again, dear!


  10. OooOOOOoo i’m one of those people!!!
    I’ve never met another!

    My best friend made me a Tim Tam tower cake once, it was amazing!

    The cheese idea is fantastic though! A wheel of brie would do me perfectly :)

  11. Happy belated! That cheese looks like a dream come true, how very thoughtful :)

  12. S. says...

    soooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :_D

  13. YES!! i’m with you, stinky cheese wins, EVERY time.

    happy belated!

  14. I love cake as much as the next person, but I think I usually choose cheese, given the choice.

    My boyfriend got me a pound of fontina cheese for our six-month anniversary. True story.

    Happy birthday!!

  15. Happy Birthday! cheese is way better than cake and this is really cute

  16. What an original birthday cake. Hope you had a fun day. Bisous
    ps: this is totally off subject but I love your rug. Your apt looks so cosy.

  17. Happy birthday!

  18. well i like (no love) cake…but i love cheese too ;-)

    genius idea from your sweet hubby!

    happy, happy b-day lady!


  19. Not also a cake fan…brownie and muffins only…

    For my last birthday I was presented with a sorbet box with a candle :)



  20. Ohh ! what a sweet idea! I love cakes, but I also love cheese, and I think I would love to have a birthday cheese with a little candle !!! Lucky you :)

  21. Happy BDAY a very sweet detail!!!

  22. i like cake although I make my own or my mom makes them because store-bought cakes are way too sweet :(
    never had spanish cheese before, but this post made me smile hahaha Happy Birthday!

  23. Gosh, that’s awesome, you lucky lucky girl!

  24. Hahaha, birthday cheese > birthday cake. :)
    I’m one of those people that don’t like cake, too! Ice cream cake is the only cake I’ll eat :P
    I hope you had a very happy birthday!

  25. Hahaha, birthday cheese > birthday cake. :)
    I’m one of those people that don’t like cake, too! Ice cream cake is the only cake I’ll eat :P
    I hope you had a very happy birthday!

  26. Happy Birthday Joanna! Haven’t seen you in the hood slugging through all this crazy snow…. with a stroller. Nightmare. Love, love, love the baby pictures of you in Paris. xo

  27. This made me laugh out loud. It’s a running joke with my husband and I about how much I love cheese. What a funny birthday cake! Happy Birthday!

  28. lovely!! eberjey has great things- well made too! happy belated birthday to you & lucy!

  29. I love Murray’s! If you like stinky Spanish cheese you should try “Torta del Casar”. I think at Murray’s you can find a similar one: “La Serena”. You slice off the top and dive in!

  30. You look absolutely gorgeous on these pictures Joanna! I loved Alex’s surprise, he’s so sweet and you too are the perfect match! :)

  31. LOVE cheese. when i visit my sister in NYC, we go to murray’s. yum.

    i’m definitely not a cake person either. i prefer pies actually. when we got married, we had pie, not cake.

  32. This is the best thing I’ve seen today! Or possible ever!

  33. Agreed. I am lucky enough to have a fall birthday, so I get pumpkin pie or apple crisp instead of cake.

  34. I never thought I’d think getting a piece of stinky cheese would be romantic. I was wrong. :) Happy you noted where you got that sweater from, it’s great!

  35. happy birthday! i love the stinky cheese idea – so good! i think my favorite thing to do on the weekend is buy a nice and slightly expensive, but oh-so good piece of cheese at the supermarket – such a nice treat!

  36. i like cake but i love pie. the stinky cheese was very cute and clever. happy belated birthday

  37. So sweet of him! Wait, no… so stinky of him? haha. I’m like you; I’d rather have cheese over cake any day. Those photos of you are adorable… happy birthday again : )

  38. y’all are just the cutest. happy belated.

  39. OMGGGG your just like me lol I hate cake but I loveee cheeseee, I even told my boyfriend that I want to go to a cheese farm hahaha happy bday girlie

  40. When was your birthday?!? The 31st? Mine was the 31st! Happy Birthday!

  41. Oh no, you don’t like cake?? My husband is not a fan either, when we got married he’d only let me feed him the icing when we cut the cake. ;-)

    But happy birthday!!! You’re lucky to have such an awesome husband who gets you stinky cheese on your birthday! ;-)

  42. Totally not a cake person! Unless it’s cheesecake! Haha. People always think I’m odd that I don’t like cake, so glad I’m not the only one! :) That birthday cheese looks pretty, pretty good.

  43. Love it! I hate cake…and most deserts really, but birthday cheese…yes please! What a sweet hubby you have.

  44. I personally love cake, but every year my brother either wants a birthday pie or birthday cheesecake. When he sees candles in a pie he says that either it’s his birthday, or someone is drunk in the kitchen :)

  45. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Joanna! Though…you don’t like cake?! Not sure if I can read this blog anymore…just kidding, as I love stinky cheese, too!

    Also, I thought the pictures and stories from your mom were fantastic – what great memories! ‘Mon dieu, je vois trois bébés!’ had me laughing out loud!

  46. Oh I love it! I got a wedge of Humboldt Fog and some pistachios with a wee dram of madeira for my birthday “cake”! You are a woman after my own heart.

  47. Happy Birthday, Joanna! The pictures are so cute.
    I´m fan of your blog!

  48. That was sweet Happy Birthday enjoy!!

  49. adorable! i’m not a fan of cake ever…isaiah’s done spinach dip with a candle before…it’s one of the sweetest feelings to know someone can know you so well, happy birthday, again!

  50. birthday stink cheese sounds like the best!
    i love it.

  51. I Love your Steven Alan pieces ;) And how adorable is that cheese alterna-cake? So cute, great move Alex!

  52. Happy Birthday. I am not a cake person either… not sure if I’d be someone who would appreciate a cheese either. My palette might now be that sophisticated; but I love the idea of a special something savory over cake!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (P.S. I’d be so sad if someone gave me cheese instead of cake for my birthday, but to each its own, eh? teehee)

  54. so cute! i love cake, but i would definitely enjoy spanish cheese!

  55. I hate birthday cake too. My mom also hates it.

    If I have to have a cake, I like ice cream cake only because it isn’t really cake. :)

    Hope you had a good birthday!!

  56. Anonymous says...

    Happy Happy Birthday!! Such wonderful Parisian baby pics too!

  57. Between cheese and cake I don’t know what to choose, well, maybe a cheesecake :)
    What can I say about Spanish cheeses are incredible if anytime you visit my country I would like to enjoy some that I’m sure that you can’t taste in NY

  58. SO cute! What a thoughtful husband!

    You nabbed yourself a good one, Jo! (:

  59. Anonymous says...

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  60. cheese! yum. and with candles. yay! happy birthday!

  61. Happy birthday and what cute pictures of the two of you! Hope it’s been a great day.

  62. hahaha, stinky cheese!!

    I didn’t know you didn’t like cake Joanna, your hubby knows you well, what a great idea about the cheese.

  63. hahaha! that’s so awesome! now I want some stinky cheese =). Happy Birthday!

  64. Happy birthday. How sweet of him!!

  65. happy birthday!! i’d love to get cheese for my bday!

  66. The cheese is perfect!!! Birthday best to you!!

  67. Glenda says...

    I love cake. Hubby loves cheese :)

    That was sweet! Happy Birthday!

  68. Very interesting and unorthodox but completely cute! Happy birthday!

  69. VIVA Spanish Cheese!!! :D

  70. Cheese is what makes the world go ’round. Good choice!

  71. I am also not a fan of cake. Maybe I’ll have some birthday cheese this year!

  72. You know you love cheese when.. ;)

  73. What a sweet treat on your birthday! And it looked like quite the luscious hunk of Monte Enebro. I am a huge cheesehead myself and had a cheese table in lieu of the traditional cake at my wedding last year. Although I could never give up cake completely, if it’s cheese vs. cake, cheese will inevitably win. Happy Belated Birthday!

  74. I love it! And you look gorge. Love the pics x

  75. Lovely and clever! Happy Birthday!

    I’m so-so on cake.

  76. I love the way you are celebrating your bday, and sharing your mom’s photos and stories with us. Precious and really neat. Happy next year. And THANK YOU, too, for the countdown of love to valentines day. Perfect!

  77. so cute :)

    happy birthday !!!


  78. YUM!! Sounds perfect :). You two are so cute. (And I love love love your dress!!)

  79. Hilarious!! I might have to steal this idea for one of my cheese-obsessed friends :)

  80. finally! someone else who doesn’t enjoi cake :) last year i got a fruit arrangement, but i’m liking this mccheeesey idea!

  81. so good! yum cheese!!! you look so pretty and happy. happy birthday to you and lucy!!

  82. I love cake AND cheese! I had a friend who have a cheese wheel instead of cake on this birthday. too.

  83. Happy Birthday Joanna! I love your blog and hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! xoxo

  84. That is so sweet of Alex!I also love stinky cheese..I could eat it every day:)Btw: I love your dress:) Kisses

  85. boo. cake sucks. cheeze rulez.

  86. boo. cake sucks. cheeze rulez.

  87. Hahaha that’s awesome! My husband LOVES cheese and I think I might do this for his birthday this year!

  88. That’s too cute! I don’t like cake either. One time, I bought my best friend a birthday rotisserie chicken instead of cake. It was what she was into at the time!

  89. So cute. I love cheese and cake, I hope I get both on my next birthday!!

  90. adorable! i don’t care for birthday cake much either, but i’ve never had spanish cheese before. i’m sure it’s tasty though…how could you not love cheese?

  91. Um, we might be related. You should see some of the things friends and family have put candles in for me. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  92. Alex looks so sweet in that picture. You guys are too cute and you can tell he really adores you. Happy Birthday. Hope you are all staying out of that crazy weather. Sending warm wishes from California. :)

  93. Not sure how someone can not like cake, but cheese is a good alternative.

  94. What a genius idea! I, of course, like cheese and cake. Is that bad?

  95. I don’t like cake either. My mom would always make me rice krispie treat “cakes” as a kid.

  96. Anonymous says...

    That is such a cute dress! And I love the cheese idea. I am not a big dessert eater either.

  97. I haven’t even been known to turn down a good piece of cake—BUT I love cheese more! Good job Alex.

  98. maggie says...

    ha hilarious!

  99. I don’t like cake either…so much so that we didn’t serve any at our wedding (much to the dismay of our relatives!)

    very good idea, Alex! (hubby, take note)

  100. How nice of him to give you cheese. Spain has excellent (stinky or not) cheeses. Manchego cheese is my favourite! Love from Barcelona,

  101. This is so cute. Alex is a honey!

  102. G says...

    beautiful!!!!! I love cheese more than anyother thing ;))) on the next birthday I want a birthday cake like yours!!! :)))



  103. I love cake, but I think I love cheese more. Very thoughtful, that Alex.

  104. that’s so sweet!

  105. That’s so sweet ! And very beautiful flowers !

  106. you are both too cute in your steve alan! i love your birthday cheese! what a sweet idea.

  107. i quite like chocolate cake, but i would take cheese any day, too! how sweet!

  108. How wonderful! I don’t like cake either – everyone always thinks I’m so strange! Glad to know I’m not the only one :)

    [Also, your apartment is beautiful! It looks so warm and welcoming.}


  109. I would SO prefer a stinky cheese over cake on my birthday! How sweet :)

  110. that is the cutest!

  111. i’m an ice cream girl…no cake for me! Alex is so thoughtful!

  112. That is my idea of a perfect birthday! I’m not a fan of cakes either so I would be thrilled to have a big piece of cheese. Perhaps next year I’ll go with cheesecake?

  113. happy birthday! I know someone that would LOVE this instead of a cake!

  114. My fiance doesn’t like cake but love cheese, I’ll have to do this for him! What a great idea. Happy birthday!!

  115. Wow! Happy Birthday Jo! You know what would make a fabulous birthday gift? The GIVEAWAY I am featuring on my blog this week :) Sorry… don’t mean to sound too promo… it is just my first giveaway and I am really nervous nobody will comment. But if YOU’D like to be the first to comment… your chances of winning is like… 100%!!! haha.

  116. Precious! Don’t you love when your mister does something for you that’s just *so* you? Very thoughtful and original! Good job, Alex!

  117. I’d take good cheese over cake any day! The little wedge with it’s candle and your little grin are just too cute! Happy Birthday indeed!

  118. Aww the birthday cheese looks great! :) I’m not a big cake fan either…cheesecake or pumpkin pie are my birthday treats of choice!

  119. What a wonderful Birthday surprise!!! Cake is good, but cheese is so much better!!!


  120. you guys are too cute!

  121. ew! I also don’t like cake. I am a fan of creme brulee, however.

  122. That’s SO awesome!! :) Yay to a husband who knows you so well…and found a thoughtful substitute for cake :) So sweet – it makes me smile!

  123. This is absolutely adorable! I’m more of an icing person than a cake person but good cheese would more than do the trick! Happy belated birthday!

  124. I love cheese too and recently had cheese flan in Puerto Rico. It would make a lovely little birthday cheese/cake.

  125. I don’t like cake either. I would chose a good cheese over cake any day.

  126. Happy Birthday! You look adorable in your Steven Alan. That’s so funny. I love stinky cheese. But I love cake too.

  127. Oh my gosh, that is so special. Perfect for you.

    I love it when my man does something totally “me”, regardless of what’s normal for the rest of the world. It makes me swoon each time.

    Love that big smile on your face.

  128. i had a “fiesta” to celebrate my 25th birthday party and had margaritas and tacos and the whole bit and invited all my favorite people (aka, my huge family). i wanted rainbow sherbet instead of cake, so that’s what we had. my grandmother told me if she knew there wouldn’t be cake, she wouldn’t have come! haha

    i know what you mean. we almost didn’t have it at our wedding, but i caught a lot of grief just mentioning it. we ended up having red velvet cake and it was fabulous!

  129. I hate birthday cake… i usually get a fruit tart, but that cheese is looking like a good option next time!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

  130. That’s lovely – my parents made me soufflé for my birthday rather than cake!