My Beauty Routine

In the past few months, my lifestyle has slowed down, but my beauty routine has actually picked up. It’s something fun I can do for myself — and it reminds me that I’m still a person, and not just walking around in circles in my apartment! Here are a few things that have been giving me a welcome boost lately…

When it comes to makeup, I like to add a pop of color. A dramatic lip is an instant mood lifter. When I’m sitting in my room, relaxing or working, and I catch a glimpse of myself with lipstick on, it makes me feel good. My favorite is Lady Danger. I used to think orange-red was a summer color, but now I wear it year round.

For eyeshadow, I usually opt for a simple bronze or gold. These shadow sticks take three seconds to apply, and they roll right on like a super smooth crayon. I’ll top it all off with this mascara, which creates serious volume. Those are the best kinds of beauty products — simple but with a big impact.

My nails are always painted, which is something I do solely for me. Whether you’re typing or cooking or reading, you see your hands all the time. It’s a fun way to experiment with color, like this pastel blue, which I really love.

I’m the queen of gray sweaters, and I like this one in particular because the sleeves are roomy, and the high collar makes it extra cozy. It’s as comfortable as a sweatshirt. I also love wearing hoops, especially now that my hair is shorter. Hoops look good on pretty much everyone, no matter your face shape or hair length. My favorites are big, thin hoops like these.

Do you have any beauty pick-me-ups these days? I want to hear…

(Photos by Christine Han for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, one of our favorite sources for beauty, where shipping and returns are always free. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Cup of Jo running.)