cookies by smitten kitchen

cookies by smitten kitchen

What are you up to this weekend? We are going for a hike, and although my kids whine the whole ride there, they always end up having fun. (Trying to remember these tips!) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Happy Indigenous People’s Day.

Prettiest earrings to wear all fall.

Cannot wait to devour Mindy Kaling’s new essay collection.

Also, Kaling announced the birth of her second child — a baby boy! (New York Magazine)

Give me all these cookies.

This podcast episode made me feel hopeful. Health reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. — who is normally pretty pessimistic — says we may have multiple vaccines approved by December and widely available by as early as spring 2021. Keep wearing masks! (New York Times)

The 52 stages of insomnia, haha.

Lulu and Georgia is having their Anniversary Sale – everything is 25% off (including this rug that I have in my bedroom).

A night in with Misty Copeland.


This was so moving.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Maggie on how are you, new parents: “Name help, please! We are expecting our first in a few weeks. We’re intent on naming our child with a name that starts with M; however, lately none of the boy options on our list are sitting right with me. Does anyone have suggestions for an M name for a boy?”

Says Katie on how are you, new parents: “My son, Hart, was born in April in New York and it’s just really a lot. You haven’t lived until you try virtual lactation sessions. It feels a little like you’re acting out a SNL skit but its NSFW and there is a lot more crying… Also, if anyone else is in Brooklyn and wants to socially distance chat, Cobble Hill Park is a nice quiet spot to go while it’s still warm out. Maybe this is weird but I made an event for a low-key meet up. [Today, at 3:30pm!]

(Photo by Smitten Kitchen.)

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