Have a Delicious Weekend.

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What are you up to this weekend? We are going for a hike, and although my kids whine the whole ride there, they always end up having fun. (Trying to remember these tips!) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Happy Indigenous People’s Day.

Prettiest earrings to wear all fall.

Cannot wait to devour Mindy Kaling’s new essay collection.

Also, Kaling announced the birth of her second child — a baby boy! (New York Magazine)

Give me all these cookies.

This podcast episode made me feel hopeful. Health reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. — who is normally pretty pessimistic — says we may have multiple vaccines approved by December and widely available by as early as spring 2021. Keep wearing masks! (New York Times)

The 52 stages of insomnia, haha.

Lulu and Georgia is having their Anniversary Sale – everything is 25% off (including this rug that I have in my bedroom).

A night in with Misty Copeland.


This was so moving.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Maggie on how are you, new parents: “Name help, please! We are expecting our first in a few weeks. We’re intent on naming our child with a name that starts with M; however, lately none of the boy options on our list are sitting right with me. Does anyone have suggestions for an M name for a boy?”

Says Katie on how are you, new parents: “My son, Hart, was born in April in New York and it’s just really a lot. You haven’t lived until you try virtual lactation sessions. It feels a little like you’re acting out a SNL skit but its NSFW and there is a lot more crying… Also, if anyone else is in Brooklyn and wants to socially distance chat, Cobble Hill Park is a nice quiet spot to go while it’s still warm out. Maybe this is weird but I made an event for a low-key meet up. [Today, at 3:30pm!]

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  1. Emily says...

    I have a Max (not shortened from anything, just Max). We have three boys and secretly I like the name Max best (don’t tell the other two). Cute little rascal, even still at 15 :)

  2. MK says...

    There are a lot of great names on this list! So I’ll just suggest the one that always comes to mind when I think of M names for boys that I like: Miles.

  3. Britt says...

    Not sure if I missed something about there being no posts yesterday, but just came to say that I missed reading. It’s one of the highlights of my day. Hope that you all had a wonderful long weekend if you were out of the office :)

  4. Carrie says...


  5. Yael says...

    my husband’s name is Hart!! He very much appreciates his name :) congrats on your new baby Hart!!

  6. Emilia says...

    Miro, Mattis, Michel, Maria, Mario, Merkur, Mars, Melchior, Merlin, Marvin, Manuel, Mirko, Maxi, Momo, Mio

    • Emilia says...

      And Milan, like Milan Kundera
      Meinhard, Meinard

  7. allyson says...

    Ooh! My daughter is Marion but it’s also a boy’s name. John Wayne’s real name was Marion. Or you can use Mandy Patinkin’s real name, Mandel. Marcus is cool. Marvin, Mars. Ooh I can go on. Good luck!

    • Lauren says...

      My daughter’s name is Marion too!! Named for my grandmother and the loveliest lady I know.

  8. Mina says...

    I really like Morris!

  9. Lin says...

    How about Mack instead of Max?

  10. bridget says...

    We have friends who named their son Madson — they call him Mads for short.

  11. Mingus!

  12. Katie says...

    On M names – kind of random, but I like Marcian, which is a Roman name that Ukrainians still use (they pronounced it Mark-ee-yan).

    I also like Marco, Martin, Mattias, Maximilian, and Monty, which was my dad’s nickname growing up (from his last name). And several friends have named their sons “Miles” and they are all 100% cute!

  13. Marnie says...

    I apologise, I didnt realise I was replying to your comment here, first time posting. Michael is a gorgeous name, and I am so sorry to hear of your nephew’s passing.

    • Sasha L says...

      Thank you Marnie ♥️

  14. Tiiu says...

    My son’s name is Mikki! We call him Mikk for short. :) He’s just a super kiddo.
    My background is Estonian and I wanted my kids to have an Estonian-ish name like mine – Tiiu! My daughter is Niina.
    Good luck!

  15. Sara Aff says...

    Is there a place (town, street) that is meaningful and starts with an M?

  16. Jesse says...

    I may be too late, but my brother’s name is Miles. Such a special name.

  17. Kristin says...

    Our son is Maguire (my husband’s grandmother’s maiden name) we call him Mack/Mackie and have long gotten loads of compliments- he’s 12: )

  18. rebecca says...


  19. Carla says...

    Marshall (I’m a big How I Met Your Mother fan)

  20. Cait says...

    Two “M” names that I don’t think have been suggested yet:
    I know a baby (girl) named Monroe, but I think it could work for a boy too!
    My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Miller, and I’ve always entertained that for a future first name for a boy.

  21. SK says...

    How about a boy’s name to honour Kamala Harris’s background?
    Milan (meaning unity, coming together)
    Minar (meaning mariner o tower)
    Manan (to reflect)
    Maan (respect)
    Mahir (brave)
    Manu (ruler of the earth)

  22. melz says...

    …I am a Mel. a female mel. but it goes both ways…
    Also, micah

  23. Lauren McGregor says...

    We were also sure of M for our baby this year. <3
    If we'd had a second boy, he would have been Marcus or Malcolm. (Our eldest is Graham, and we ended up with a Maggie in March.)

  24. Sara says...

    I love the name Micah for a boy.

  25. Allison says...

    My church congregation just baptized a little ten month old named Merle this weekend, I thought it was an adorable M name for a boy! (Just to clarify, baptism was socially distanced and masked and we were all worshiping via zoom.)

  26. jessica says...

    Mateo, Matias, Milo, Morrison, Malcolm, Mallard, Mason, Marlon, Myer

    annnd wish I lived in NY so I could join folx for the meet up!

  27. Lori says...


    Such an exciting time!

  28. Maddie says...

    The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favorite childhood books and from that I have always loved the name Milo!

  29. Liz Spence says...

    Namberry is a hugely useful website!
    Personally I like Max, Matthew, Marcus and Magnus.

  30. Maxime, Maurice and Matheo

  31. Sarah Jane says...


  32. becs says...

    We named our daughter Merritt, though it is a unisex name. I think it is both old-school and modern. Timeless. :) So many blessings to you on his birth!!

  33. MK says...

    My dad’s name is Meredith. It’s an old Welsh name that was originally for boys. He’s never felt any embarrassment about his name and I love that in this era of gender acceptance, it could really be for either a girl or a boy.

  34. Kate says...

    We have a little boy, Mac. His full name is John Cormac, but we call him Mac. Any M name will be beautiful and fit him perfectly. :)

  35. B says...

    I know it’s impossible to find a truly unique name but heads up, about 50% of little boys I meet these days are named Max (and that’s a lot of kids, because I have two boy toddlers).

    I outlawed M names because my husband’s whole family are M’s, but if I hadn’t I think I would have gone Micah!

  36. Susan M. says...

    Congratulations! Yes to Martin, Mateo, Murray, and Matthew, and Matt for short.
    Also: Max.

  37. liz s says...

    i wanted to add one more name.
    merced. spanish for mercy.

  38. Janet says...

    I’m voting for Miles!

  39. Clau says...



  40. Sasha L says...

    I’m pretty partial to Michael. My dear husband, and my young nephew who passed away one year ago.

    • Marnie says...

      Another M name option! We have a boy named Mungo. It’s an old Scottish name. My husband and I met in Glasgow, Scotland while both travelling. St Mungo is the patron saint and founder of Glasgow, the beautiful city where our story began.

    • Marnie says...

      I apologise, I didnt realise I was replying to your comment here, first time posting. Michael is a gorgeous name, and I am so sorry to hear of your nephew’s passing.

  41. Cath says...

    Went down all the school studments list and here’s what I found:
    Maé or Mahé
    Mathis or Matys
    There! good luck!

  42. Michelle says...


  43. Maggie says...

    The only boy name I ever entertained was Martin. Our Marty is turning 3 next month and every time we tell people his name, their faces light up. It’s a fun, different name that isn’t pretentious or totally out there. Highly recommend it!

  44. Jenn says...

    My SiL has named all her kids with M names, here are the boys:

  45. Mimi says...

    My husband went on a trip to study glaciers around Longyearbyen, Norway, near the North Pole. The captain of the ship was named Marius (Mar rhyming with car). I loved hearing stories about Marius, who cooked dinner for all of the scientists every night, and drank strong coffee even at bedtime. I fell in love with the name Marius. xoxo

  46. Alli says...

    A friend just named her son Micah!

  47. Julie says...

    Those 52 stages of insomnia are spot on, lol.

  48. Elizabeth says...

    We live in France, and our friends have a boy named Milo. I think it’s super cute.

  49. Meg says...

    My son is 12 & Marcus {sometimes he goes by Mark…} his dear friend is Mills …. and we have a nephew Merrick……. all 3 are the sweetest, most creative, artistic old souls….

  50. JT says...

    We just had a son 2 weeks ago! We welcomed our Maximilian, Max for short :)

  51. K says...

    I love the name Marley … (Marlee for a girl)

  52. Lauren says...


  53. Savannah says...

    We had two girls but our boy name was Martin! Good luck mama!

  54. Hannah says...

    I grew up with a boy names Malte (German name, pronounced Malta) and it’s always stuck with me as a great name!

    • Mimi says...

      oooh i like it!

  55. Kim says...


    Congratulations! xoxo

  56. Sarah says...

    Baby Maxwell!

  57. Karen Lee says...

    I have always liked the name Mason for a boy

  58. Priscilla says...

    Mitchell – Mitch
    Montgomery – Monty

  59. Morgan says...

    I’m partial, but I absolutely love my name, Morgan – it’s gender neutral, impossible to mispronounce, and nickname-friendly.

    Also love Miles. You can’t go wrong with all these great options. Good luck! :)

  60. L.K. says...

    Milo (a friend named her second son Milo Bowie, after David Bowie). Other son
    Is Micah.

  61. LB says...

    Can we PLEASE find out what name Maggie chooses? :) So many great options.

    • Natalie says...

      Yes, please!

    • Chelsea Wilson says...

      Baby M is born!!!
      – Friend of Maggie’s

  62. Bailey says...

    Macaulay/Macauley with Mick or Mac nn is top for me!

    Mercer is unique and modern
    Martin is wonderfully old fashioned, underused Irish classic
    March (April, June, and August. Why not March?)
    Mateo (nn Teo)

    And finally a quite common and traditional one:
    If you use the full name always, rather than Matt, I find it so refreshing and handsome

  63. Amy says...

    How did the new mom meet up go?!

    • Sasha L says...

      I love thinking about all these moms laughing together and getting some much needed friendship. Makes me so happy. I hope lots showed up and had a super time.

  64. Sarah says...


  65. Chantel says...

    My son’s middle name is Mathius (name after his paternal great grandfather). It is such a beautiful name and I absolutely love it! You can shorten it to Matty too.

  66. Heather says...


  67. Miller!

  68. Marisa says...

    Michelangelo, with the nickname “Micky” sounds very appealing to me!
    I also really like Marcus and Marco for M names. Congratulations!!

  69. Margot P says...



    • Laura says...

      I second Malcolm!

  70. Katherine says...