A couple years ago, we wrote about coupons for kids — think: “Dad works out with you (push ups, sprints, etc.),” “Mom takes you out for hot chocolate,” “You pick the music in the car for the entire ride (!!!)” — and since then, we’ve all come up with a few more ideas…

Drive in the car to see holiday lights around town (Dyker Heights is amazing)
Dad will give you a special hairstyle and/or let you try on his cologne
Mom will watch you play video games for a half hour
Stay up 20 minutes past bedtime
Go to the store and pick out any cereal for breakfast tomorrow (Heads up from CoJ reader Sarah: “When we got home with our Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and Reeses, the two-year-old realized they had to wait until the morning to try it and then wept on the lawn in the dark for 20 minutes, refusing all comfort. In everything they do they never stop being themselves!”)
Mom or Dad will stay with you until you fall asleep
Build a fort with Dad in the living room
A night of NOT clearing the dishes
Watch a holiday movie with popcorn
Playing a family game of hide-and-seek (Pro tip: Toby hid in the laundry hamper with dirty laundry on top of him, which was brilliant)
Drink Coke at dinner
One minute of saying bad words (Anton was having a bad day the other day and I let him yell swear words in the car and he was INVIGORATED)
Mom will bake a cookie of your choosing
“Stories about Daddy when he was a baby” — a CoJ reader named Michelle
Go through a car wash (The boys and I did it the other day, and I’d forgotten how exciting it was)
Mom will be your butler (OMG we did this one morning just for fun and the kids went BANANAS. I draped them in throw blankets on the sofa and brought them breakfast and tea)

Plus, maybe some coupons for the mama???
Sing along to Eternal Flame with Mom in the car
Rub Mommy’s shoulders for 20 minutes while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Empty the dishwasher in a way that makes sense
Call your grandparents and tell them you love them
Entire family goes to museum without complaining
Read ME a story
Know deep in your bones how much I adore you in every way, forever and always xoxo

What coupons would you love to give or get? Share ideas below… xoxo

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(Photos by Sally Anscombe and Lauren Lee, both via Stocksy.)