wedding first look photos

When Alex and I got married almost 11 years ago, we had a first look, and it felt so intimate. So, when I saw these photos of Aveena and Alissa’s first look, I was dying to hear how they were feeling at that very special moment…

The couple got married in Bellevue, Washington. Aveena wore a traditional gold lehenga and Alissa wore a white gown from Emmy Mae Bridal.

wedding first look photos

Aveena: “Alissa approached me from behind and wrapped me up in a bear hug. My heart was pounding.”

Alissa: “I was nervous before our first look, so nervous. We didn’t spent the night together before our wedding, so we hadn’t seen each other for 24 hours.”

wedding first look photos

Alissa: “Walking up to her, I was incredibly jittery. Our photographer was encouraging me to take deep breaths. I felt like my biggest job was to stay in the moment.”

Aveena: “Fun fact — I tried on my wedding gown that day for the first time EVER. After finding it, I had only a quick turn around to get it stitched to my sizing, and I never bothered to try it on because I was too distracted. Thank god it fit!”

wedding first look photos

Aveena: “When I turned around…I don’t even know what hit me…it was like oh my gosh, this is insane, you’re so fricking beautiful.”

Alissa: “I was overwhelmed by how gorgeous Aveena looked.”

wedding first look photos

Aveena: “I’m Indian and was raised conservative Christian; our marriage didn’t sit well with my family, so, other than my sister, they chose not to attend the wedding. A lot of the planning season was so much fun, but we both were also trying to defend who we were and why we chose to marry each other. So, during the first look, it was like, the day is here and nothing is going to tear us down.”

Alissa: “It was like, we’re doing this, we’re here, I love you.”

wedding first look photos

Alissa: “I would 100% recommend a first look to couples. It’s a wonderful moment to take a breath. You get that special moment to yourselves.”

Aveena: “We still talk about it. Nowadays, I’m always like, should we try on our wedding dresses again???”

Thank you so much, Aveena and Alissa! Would you do a first look? Is anyone getting married during quarantine? We have a stoop wedding feature coming up, and I’d love to hear if you’re waiting or going ahead. xoxo

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(Photos by Carley Jayne Photography.)