1. Friend who helps his friend in time of need

  2. Friendship treasure not know its value only lived alone

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  4. I love this. She is looking so cute and gorgeous. And The bride with blue flower has made the whole environment too romantic..lovely idea !!

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  6. Magically sweet! :D

  7. Magnifique c’est très mignon

  8. This is sooo beautiful! I remember how nervous I was before our first look too!!

  9. beautiful! i’m in love with this picture!

  10. you look so amazing in this image and I love the excitement on Alex’s face…

  11. Rachel says...

    This is just the perfect moment, beautifully captured. I adore it! Hope you’re doing well and feeling dandy. Lots of love

    English Rach

  12. a truely adorable couple, I loved your wedding photo session too..such fun. Max Wanger does some great work and this was some of his best!

  13. Anonymous says...


  14. anna, they’re delphiniums, tied with pink ribbons. thanks for your lovely comments!

  15. Ive been waiting for these and esp pics of your dress because I remember how you kept going back and forth about it. These are beautiful…I love your dress and the purple flowers against it look stunning. Your hair with the flower and side bangs is beautiful too. Love the smile on your husbands face! Only 3 months till our wedding thats why I forgot to look back at yours! THanks for sharing!

  16. Ohhh. This is too sweeet. You both look so happy. It’s really touching. =)

  17. Gorgeous pics Jo – your wedding looks divine! It’s a shame you only get to have one wedding day in your life – I wish I could have one every year (well not every year, but you get the point)! Thanks for sharing xox

  18. I was wondering…what flowers are in your boquet! They’re so pretty!

  19. OMG what a pic! I hope I find a photographer that can capture emotions at my Wedding:) Simply beautiful pic!

  20. beautiful. You have a lucky baby coming into the world :)

  21. This is so beautiful. I cried!

  22. sweetness! i was just about to ask if u were biting ur wedding-manicured nails… but u already answered that.

  23. my word, this is the cutest photo I’ve ever seen!!! cheers to you! xo

  24. that is precious. i love this best.

  25. I will be getting married in April so these photos hit home. The looks on your faces is precious and speaks volumes!

  26. oh this is such a cute photos! I love the happiness in your face and the perspective. Thanks for sharing with us!

  27. You look so sublimely happy. LOVE it!

  28. this is wonderful. the moment is just palpable in this picture. i could even see this one in your little boy’s nursery :)

  29. This photo is perfect.

  30. ha, no nail biting, thank goodness! :)

  31. Beautiful!

  32. What a sweet photo. I love the fact that you are in focus (and coyly placing your hands in front of your face…hope you weren’t biting your nails ;)) and Alex is all fuzzy.

  33. I absolutely love this photo! You look so excited!

  34. i love this picture! bittersweet. my wedding is on March 7, so I’m going to be having one of these moments real soon :)

  35. *such* a sweet moment was captured…that’s such a nice reminder of how you felt on that day…

  36. What a perfectly romantic idea! The look on your face is priceless. Congrats again!!

  37. thank you so much for all these sweet comments!

  38. So sweet…
    Kisses from Spain…Im totally in love with ur blog!

  39. I loved this! Made me remember my own wedding day…my photographer had no creativity…none. I could have used you and all your fantastic ideas back then. (even if you were only around 18 :) ) Just added Cup of Jo to my list of blogs…I am very new at this blog thing, but I thought you might like to know!

  40. Gorgeous. Your wedding (and that bouquet) appear to have been just perfect.

  41. gorgeous photo!

  42. this is precisely the picture that every bride hopes she can get a shot of! absolutely adorable!

  43. Aw, I look on your face!

    You still haven’t gotten all of your wedding pictures back? Wasn’t the wedding four months ago?

  44. you’re biting your nails! i love this shot…talk about raw emotion!

  45. this is so romantic and sooo sweet. i can’t even stand it. congrats! :)

  46. that is so cute; love the look on your face!


  47. You are SO adorable in that pic!!

  48. Very sweet, you can just feel the giddiness in the photo:)

  49. So sweet, I love when moments like this can be captured so perfectly by great photographers. Lovely!

  50. My parents did first look and I plan on doing it too.

    So sweet, and it makes the moment more intimate.

  51. I just “awed” out loud. I dont think I’ve ever seen a more adorable photo in my life. You two (soon three) are so lucky to have each other. Xx

  52. oh i love this! it gives me goosies! i can’t wait for my first LOOK! eeek.
    Congrats on EVERYTHING. wedding. baby boy. life :)

  53. What a moment to capture! You can see the nervousness and excitement on your face. What a lovely thing to do, to share that moment quietly between you (and the photographer), before heading out. Just gorgeous.

  54. this is adorable! love your face!!

  55. i got all giddy and nervous just looking at this photo of you two. such a beautiful composition.

  56. you look so excied, the both of you!

  57. So sweet. I’d’ve died of nerves, I think!

  58. That is positively the cutest photo ever! You look amazing!

  59. This is adorable. I love that look of excitement and anticipation on your face!

  60. maggie says...

    you are adorable.

  61. This is just so sweet!

    I love it.