Week of Outfits: Anton

Now that Anton is 5 1/2, he has gotten into defining his own style — from cowboy hats to shark tees. His approach matches his animal-loving, rough-and-tumble personality, and he was excited to take some pictures. Here, Anton shares five go-to looks (and some shark fun facts!)…

Week of Outfits: Anton

Jacket: Uniqlo. Tee: The Mountain. Cargo pants: Uniqlo, similar. Boots: Western Spirit. Hat: Aeromax.

“I got this cowboy hat for Halloween. You can carry things on it. At the grocery store, I put oyster crackers in it for a second. This is a cheetah shirt. Everyone thinks it’s a lion. But it’s a cheetah. They’re the fastest runners.”

Week of Outfits: Anton

Jacket: Uniqlo. Sweater: H&M, similar. Cargo pants: Uniqlo, similar. Boots: Western Spirit.

“I got these boots on Halloween, too. Some people don’t say anything about my cowboy boots, but some people are like, ‘Hello! I love your boots!’ Some people are even like, ‘I love your boots so much that I have to sing about those boots-boots-boo-boo-boots!'”

Week of Outfits: Anton

“My friend gave me this clip at recess. I put it on my sweater. People can put things on their shirts.”

Anton's week of outfits

Tee: The Mountain. Pants: similar. Boots: Western Spirit.

“Here, I was looking at the ceiling at the aquarium. There were pretty lights and pretty stars. There are whale sharks there. I love sharks. Dad let me watch part of Sharknado. I told my friends that my T-shirt has a picture of our pet shark. Maybe don’t tell them we don’t have a pet shark. ”

Week of Outfits: Anton

Pajama top (worn as regular top): Primary. Pants: similar. Backpack: SoYoung.

“Green is my favorite color. I like this shark backpack. I like how sharks have dark eyes, almost black. If they’re deep in the ocean, they can still see. But you couldn’t see them. You would have to get out of there.”

Week of Outfits: Anton

Sweater: babaà (gift). Pants: babaà (gift).

“This is my comfiest outfit. It feels like pajamas, but it’s not pajamas. I just like being cool. I don’t know, I just know. When I grow up, I’m definitely going to have a belt. I’m going to wear what Dad wears. I mean, I’m going to wear a button down shirt, a belt and a beard. When I grow up, I might actually BE Dad.”

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