Grocery store baked camembert

How do you turn grocery-store camembert (or brie) into something amazing? Bake it! “Baking has always been a way for cooks to coax an overripe, or a just-O.K. cheese, in the direction they like,” says the New York Times. Just wrap the wheel of cheese in puff pastry and bake until it’s browned. Then add whatever you’d like — walnuts, honey, onion, bacon, fruit preserves, radicchio leaves, anything. Because, says the New York Times, “there’s no such thing as a bad baked Camembert.”

spanx camo leggings

The other day, my friend came over wearing a chambray shirt with these camo leggings. She looked so cute — and revealed the leggings were from Spanx! Apparently, they also come in black and jean-style. Have you ever tried them?

linsey laidlaw kitchen

UM. Did you know about the trick for hanging a picture using a fork? How many hours of my life have I wasted trying to get the wire onto the tiny nail? Well, watch this 13-second video. (It’s kind of like how to walk on ice or how not to get lipstick on a wine glass — one of those little tricks I’ll always remember.)

new yorker cartoons

Do you follow New Yorker cartoons on Instagram? They’ve been killing it, more than ever, with their uncannily true-to-life commentary. ;)

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(Cheese photo by Paola & Murray. Nail trick via Kottke. Apartment photo of Linsey Laidlaw’s home tour by Alpha Smoot. New Yorker cartoon by Gahan Wilson from 2010.)