Brooklyn Apartment Tour

My friend and graphic designer Linsey Laidlaw and her husband Brian Morris, a lawyer, live with their three young children in a bright apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn—just around the corner from us! Even though they have only two bedrooms for five people, they manage to carve out clever spaces for everyone. Here are some more photos, if you’d like to see…


On the neighborhood: We’ve been living in Carroll Gardens for about nine years now. We were immediately drawn to the neighborhood—we came off the Carroll Street subway stop and it was like angels, choruses, the whole thing. The neighborhood is a great mix of old and new. A lot of our neighbors are old-timers who sit on their stoops all day and hand out unsolicited parenting advice. One woman constantly asks me if my youngest is a girl or a boy, even though we see her a few times a week. My kids find it hilarious.

On recognizing “the one”: We were the first people to see this apartment, and we signed a lease on the spot. We were drawn to the openness—the high ceilings, big windows and moldings from the 1800s. I immediately imagined it decorated for Christmas (I’m a holiday maniac) and was completely sold by the mental image (and the height of the tree we could have with these ceilings!). The other wonderful thing is that two other families live in this brownstone. There are nine children in the building! So instant playdates and a parent support network are built-in.

Chandelier: Jonathan Adler. Eames-style chair: Vintage. Globe pillow: Jonathan Adler. Media console: Ikea. Rug: Vermont Rug Farm.

On putting together a gallery wall: I’m terrible at both math and measuring, so I prefer to just throw things up there. The little avocado Polaroid was from the very first photo shoot I directed when I worked at Martha Stewart. I especially love the “Everything Takes Forever” print because that has become one of my mantras. A big way for me to alleviate stress is to guess how long something should take me, triple it, and add 10. EVERYTHING TAKES FOREVER—especially in this town, and doubly especially with three kids!

Brooklyn Bridge print: Christoph Niemann. Think Creatively print: Erin Jang.

On customizing bookshelves: These bookshelves are from Ikea, and I just used thumbtacks to affix fabric to the back panel. I’m sure there was a better way to do it, but that’s what worked for me! I find that if I don’t strike while the iron is hot, I never get around to doing a project. If I’m feeling inspired, I just go for it with whatever I have on hand.

Sofa: Room & Board. Bookshelves: Ikea. Fabric lining: Balmoral Opal. Bench: Barrington Blue. Throw blanket: Restoration Hardware. Graphic pillows: Jonathan Adler. Elephant basket: Amazon. Coat hooks: DWR.

On nighttime routines: I’m pretty good about limiting my kids’ sugar intake, but once they’re in bed, all my bad habits come out. Normally, I’ll munch a little treat on the sofa and either watch a show or catch up on e-mail. We’re also definitely victims of binge-watching. We’ll try to go to bed at a decent hour and then suddenly we’re six episodes into Homeland.

Pig bookends: CB2. White vase: Alice Lane Home.


A trick for falling asleep: I have always been a high maintenance sleeper and have slept with earplugs, an eye mask and a white noise machine for years. There’s another thing I do, which is so silly but works: I tell myself a story. Kind of embarrassing, but if I’m having a hard time shutting down the part of my brain that likes to draft emails and brainstorm ideas when it should be going to sleep, I make myself think about a fun narrative—it has to be imaginary, not a memory—and it often does the trick.

Headboard: Urban Outfitters. Duvet: Jonathan Adler. Bed, comforter and pillows: Pacific Coast. Decorative pillows: Anthropologie. Mirror: HomeGoods (similar here). Lamps: Target (similar here). Chest: Vintage. Desk chairs: Amazon. Rug: Pottery Barn.

On carving out a workspace: My husband (an attorney, who works long hours) and I both needed desks in the apartment, and the bedroom was the logical place to put them. Our home projects usually come to fruition by my drawing a crappy sketch and Brian magically making it happen. He’ll get materials from Home Depot or Ikea. We placed our desks on the opposite sides of the bed from where we each sleep. My husband can sleep anywhere, but since I get insomnia really easily, I find it helpful not to sleep directly next to where I work.

On creating an inspiration board: I’m a paper hoarder—it’s absurd how much storage space I devote to paper in such a tiny apartment! This inspiration board features wrapping paper, magazine tears, paper ephemera found on various road trips. I have oversized palm reading cards, an old bus map, a botanical print. There is a cast of Ivy’s hand and one of Oliver’s foot which we made from these kits. I feel so guilty I never made one for my baby Rosie!

On offbeat artwork: That X-ray is from when my son Oliver swallowed a ring. The funny thing is, it was actually a CTR ring, which stands for “Choose The Right.” It’s supposed to remind you to make good choices, and it’s now a running joke in our family since he did the exact opposite!


On family rituals: When the kids get home from school, the kitchen is our gathering place. Ivy is always doing some sort of art project; Oliver will build train tracks around the table. Everything takes place in the kitchen, always. At dinnertime, we like to talk about our day. We’ve started a ritual where the kids will each share one happy thing, one sad thing, and one thing that made them laugh during the day. Sometimes if they’re tired, I’ll start out by sharing those things about my day, too. It always blows their mind that I do things while they’re not around. “You rode the subway today?!”

On favorite meals: We eat LOTS of Mexican-inspired food (my husband and I both grew up in the southwest). My kids will eat just about anything if I serve it on a tortilla, and this dressing can turn simple basics into a more impressive meal. My son Oliver is a great sous chef! His chubby little fingers can peel garlic crazy fast; and although we often lose a fair amount of vegetable in the process, he loves to peel carrots and potatoes. But on nights when I don’t cook, we rely entirely too much on the amazing pizza place Lucali just a few doors down…

Dining table and benches: Craigslist. Globe pendant light: Home Depot. Framed print: Lisa Grue. Kids table: Ikea. Kids red chairs: Land of Nod. Kids Bertoia chairs: Amazon.

On stealing quiet moments: There are definitely times when it’s just too loud. When I’m with the kids and it’s just me, my tolerance level is much higher. If my husband comes home or if someone else is over, I’ve noticed that I can’t tolerate as much. Sometimes I’ll need a quick minute to gather my thoughts, which happens in the bathroom, of course. But even when I’m in there, a note might get slipped under the door, or little fingers will come knocking.

Wooden storage hutch: Vintage. Lights around the window: Target.

On building a craft wall: The craft area was another idea of mine that was constructed by Brian. I’d been thinking about making it for a while, and one day we were driving past Home Depot and I was like, “Let’s go get stuff!” I convinced him we didn’t need to measure first, and by some miracle, we got the exact right size of peg board. The craft area has been a lifesaver, because the kids can access it themselves and there’s an art project going on at all hours of the day. [Ed. note: If you’d like to see more, check out a step-by-step tutorial here.


On bedtime: All three of our kids share this tiny bedroom. At first, when we moved the baby into the room, I was worried that it would stress the older kids out, but it actually works to put Rosie down with the bigger kids because they know they need to be quiet so she’ll go to sleep. Sometimes I’ll hear Ivy singing to Rosie or telling her a story. She makes up songs with melodramatic lyrics about big sisters and little sisters.

On waking quietly: In the morning, six-year-old Ivy is usually the first one to wake. She made up a system to keep things quiet: she dangles a ribbon down from the top bunk, and if someone grabs it or starts giggling, she knows they’re awake and it’s safe to come down.

Bunk beds: customized Canwood loft bed. Crib: Bloom. Bedding: Mix of Ikea, vintage and grandma-made.

On keeping things tidy: We try to keep toys to a minimum and we do a purge a few times a year. Sometimes I’ll do it with the kids, but that’s usually a melodramatic event. So I’ll do it while they’re at school. Otherwise, we keep baskets everywhere. Sometimes I’ll go through an OCD kick where each basket is organized by material, but other times I don’t care if the Legos are mixed in with balls or whatever, as long as it’s put away.

On living in a smaller space: In the summer, it bothers me less because we spend a lot of time outside or at the park. In the winter, though, it can feel small. But I remind myself that as much as we fantasize about having a laundry room or a garage or a real dishwasher, we’re choosing to forsake those things right now for the experience of living in New York City. If I feel jealous of what someone else has, I’ll remind myself ‘We went to Central Park yesterday,’ and for now, those good things outweigh the bad. While a small space obviously has its drawbacks, it also creates an environment that necessitates cooperation, creativity and problem-solving. I like the challenge of constantly experimenting and tinkering to optimize what we have. And I love the forced closeness—most of the time!

Rug: Rugs USA. Map: eBay. Mobile: Similar here.

Thank you so much, Linsey! Your home is so inspiring.

P.S. 12 more home tours, and 15 tips for living in a small space.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kate Jordan. Interview by Caroline Donofrio)

  1. I’ve got four girls (6, 2 ,3and 1) all sharing a small room right now, We can just barely fit the twin, toddler groundwork and crib. There is no real floor space left. I’m drawn to this idea. I have just one question. How do you beat the novice down without whacking your top or doing some scary yoga move?
    Thank you very much :-)

  2. Annie Jacoby says...

    can i see picture of the inter to the kitchen. where is the fridge?

  3. Theresa Stewart says...

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and beautiful apartment. My son and his wife just bought in Park Slope and were concerned about my two granddaughters sharing a room as their prior rentals had 3 beds.
    I have passed this on to them, they will love your ideas!

  4. Jeanne says...

    I had to post a comment. I’m pregnant with my second baby. I have a son who is 20 months old and he’s going to be a big brother in the summer next year! The first thing I did when I found I was pregnant was panic at the lack of space we have in our two bedroom multi-family home. This post made me so hopeful ,and actually, excited for my kids to share a space to grow up.

  5. I’m in awe that your daughter thought of such a trick with the ribbon…striking!

  6. Tracy says...

    Your baby, Rosie, is still little, right? It’s never too late to do a cast. Don’t regret… just do it!! ?

  7. Camila says...

    Just found this on Pinterest and I LOVE it! This gives me so many ideas. Thanks for sharing Joanna!

  8. I have no words.. it’s amazing!

  9. ankemarie says...

    i really love this appartment! it looks so happy, friendly and full of laughter!
    And it is beautiful of course!

  10. Meghan says...

    This might sound silly, but where did you get your wicker baskets on top of the cabinets? We are looking for something similar! Thanks!! Gorgeous home!!

  11. oh my Ivy is the gal! Your home is so lovely and thoughtful of all areas of raising children! Your blessed,winter deal-it is cozy and teaches children to organize and it helps you. Something comes in something has to go maybe. So welcoming..

  12. Rebekah says...

    This apartment is beautiful. My husband and I live in a two bedroom flat in London with our two sons. We want another child but for a number of reasons do not want to leave London – house prices mean we will have to stay put. This has inspired me to use the space we have creatively and importantly reminded me that we obsess two much over ‘stuff’ and that small spaces mean sharing more time together – something which will be over before we know it!

  13. Rebekah says...

    This apartment is beautiful. My husband and two sons live in London and want a third child but for many reasons do not want to move out of London (consequently we have to stay in our two bed flat). This has inspired me that it can be done and importantly reminded me that we obsess over ‘stuff’ when we don’t need to and small homes means more time together…which will be over before we know it!

  14. Ashley says...

    Just wanted to let you know that I also make up imaginative stories in my head if I’m having a hard time falling asleep. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’ve never told anyone that for fear that I would sound like a lunatic haha!

  15. Natalie says...

    What size is the bed next to the crib??

  16. ana says...

    Hello Jo, you are amazing person and great example of how one woman should be this days :). Like you are, your friends also, and I just can say great, beautiful and inspiring ! Greeting from Montenegro ( Balkan ) :)

  17. Paola Albergate says...

    I absolutely love how Linsey created an art nook for her children! It’s beautiful and functional, well done! This home is lovely.

  18. Shawndra says...

    I’ve got three girls (6, 2 and 1) all sharing a small room right now, We can just barely fit the twin, toddler bed and crib. There is no real floor space left. I’m drawn to this idea. Just one question. How do you lay the baby down without whacking your head or doing some scary yoga move? Thanks :)

  19. kelsey says...

    I was wondering what you used for the lower bed! I have three boys and am getting a two bedroom apartment. ?

  20. I love love love this apartment !!! I too have three little ones and all the little spaces around the home are amazing!

  21. This is great! We have a small house and a third on the way. Is the crib under the bunk bed a full size one? Just wondering, I like the idea of the bunk style. :)

  22. I’d LOVE to know the desk source! This feature was amazing. :)

  23. Wow, I just love this home! So many great ideas like the update on the IKEA shelves, the children corner at the kitchen, and the use of space in the tiny kid’s room… love, love. love this home!

  24. I’ve spent tons of time thinking (and writing) about how to have the house you want while creating a fun and welcoming living space for your kids. This apartment does that in spades and I loved all the little insights into how they live their lives in this shared space.

    Also, I can’t get over that gorgeous bookshelf with the amazing fabric backing. I’m a huge fan of bold, colorful, and/or patterned wallpaper, but fabric adds a whole new textured dimension. Looks great!

    Thanks for this feature,

  25. Jo says...

    Thank you for this tour. I, too, love their mix of high/more affordable decor. It gives me so many ideas!

    I also think up stories when I have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I come back to the same story and keep adding on to it–really helps transition my brain away from worries.

  26. This apartment looks so spacious. I love the kids’ room with the bunk bed loft. I grew up in a small house and my family made it work. We stored a lot of things under my parents’ bed because it was high, and everything was put away when we were finished with it. My mom still lives in this same house. My husband and I have an old house with small closets, so I have to be creative with storage. But I love the house because of its details you can’t find in a new house unless you have it custom built.

  27. OMG that x-ray is hilarious. I love everything about how this place is decorated but that is the best. :D

  28. This is such a warm, friendly, colourful place full of so much life, love and substance. They’ve done a great job, and I can only thank you and your friends for sharing this with us.


  29. Oh I just love this family home so much it sings to my heart! It has given me so much inspiration. Thank you xxx

  30. Omg that is the sweetest thing how big sister sings to little sis and with her own lyrics! We are currently moving little brother into big brothers room to make room for another nursery…I wonder what songs will transpire in our nest. Happy Nesting.

  31. This is one of my favorite home tours you’ve ever shared! Her style mostly matches up with mine, so I will definitely be revisiting this when I get a little room in my budget to redecorate! I love what she was able to do with her space, to make it functional and beautiful, and the bedroom/work space combo is so awesome. LOVE!


  32. soooo inspiring for those of us that live in small spaces!!!

  33. LOVE this home tour! From Linsey’s cool, fresh style to her smart/relaxed attitude. What great space-saving and creative ways she uses her space. Makes me want to ditch the ho-hum suburbs for a brooklyn apartment.

  34. Cup of Jo has changed my life in so many small yet meaningful ways. Example: Upon reading (and loving) this post, I just ordered from Vermont Rug Farm a runner to use as a kitchen rug ending my long search for the perfect kitchen runner. This site is such a delight!

  35. Living in an SF rental with a kid, I sometimes mourn the wide open spaces of my childhood homes, but this tour makes me excited to see all the glorious possibilities in a smaller space. I love her aesthetic and the sense of joy and light in every corner!

  36. What a beautiful family home! I love love the pegboard.

  37. Thank you for sharing this. I write about city life and urban issues from Vancouver, Canada. I think its important for people to see that you can raise a family in the city in a relatively small space. This is a beautiful example (I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world and am raising a family of 3 in a duplex, but this is inspiring)!

    If more people lived like this, we could reduce urban sprawl and car dependence.

    Love your blog!!!


  38. Was the mini bed under the loft custom made? Genius!

  39. This is a great post and a great series overall. However, it would also be nice to see how these pristine abodes look like on any given weekday, without all the prep and tidying-up that goes before such an in-depth photoshoot. I can tell you, as a mom of a 10 month-old, my apartment isnt quite so tidy in the middle of the week, especially if i’m not expecting company.

  40. Love the craft wall! I also live in a smallish apartment in downtown Montreal and my in laws are always saying we need to move to a house! This article was inspiration for making a smallish space work with a family! I don’t want to give up living downtown and I’m now inspired to organise more:) thanks for sharing!

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  43. The ribbon part. Adorable! :) Thanks for sharing!

  44. I love everything about this! I especially love her idea of embracing the “now” and not being envious of what others have. I find that when I’m getting a bit bored in our small home, a day of purging, reorganizing and tweaking things excites me and makes my space feel new!

  45. thanks, very inspiring. i have a son and expecting twins and feel quite overwhelmed about the thought of raising so many children in NY. loved all the craft space.

  46. I also live in a small space and will soon have 3 kids, so I love this post.

    I am cracking up a little bit about the craft wall. That’s something that I would do in our kitchen thinking it’s a great idea, and that my toddler would dismantle every single night while I made dinner. That level of organizing is the stuff dreams are made of at this point in my life. Baskets where all the toys live together? That’s more our speed…

  47. UGH this apartment is gorg!!!! Can you come and redecorate our apartment? Our place needs to be reorganize. Everything is so tidy, even with 3 little ones! We live in Carroll Gardens too. We love the neighborhood butttt because of rent prices going up we are going to have to move out. We live in a one bedroom adn are looking for a bigger space and Carroll Gardens has gotten to expensive for us. We are hoping to find lower rent to be able to save up and buy a house one day.


  48. This is great! Do you know the make of the kitchen table? That is awesome!

  49. Adorable! I am dying over the craft wall and the bunk beds. Sadly, I can’t pin any of the photos to save for inspiration!

  50. So wonderful, everything about this is great.

  51. The craft wall is brilliant! And the sweet ribbon story :-) Love the entire apartment, but the stories that come with it make it really special. Thanks for sharing.

  52. The ribbon. Just melts my heart! xoxo

  53. This family seems so wonderful. The creativity and the closeness is incredibly appealing – singing made up songs and the dangling ribbon? Could it get any sweeter?

    Also, I love the space and agree about the benefits of small spaces.

  54. Amazing home tour! Great to feature stylish small spaces too with clever storage and layouts. I’m going to tell my two kids who share a room about the cute ribbon trick in the mornings, they will love that idea!

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    OMG, what a wonderful post, Joanna. I truly love everything about this apartment.
    I am so bookmarking this one. :-)

  59. Linsey has the cutest personality! I loved reading this tour so much. Great ideas, happy home.

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  64. Incredible! Love your space(or lack of it lol) Darling kids live there too:)

  65. This apartment is GORGEOUS but I think I’m most jealous of Linsey for living so close to Lucali! That place is amazing :)

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    Thanks for sharing.

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  69. This was such a delightful post! So full of gratefulness, humility, and family pride. And freaking great home.

  70. love that you tell yourself a story to put yourself to sleep at night! i have done this all of my life. and, it is why i have always known i was not meant to be a writer–my stories are so boring that they never fail to put me to sleep in under five minutes :)

  71. This is beautiful. As a mom of 7 almost 8 kids living in 1500 sq feet (in CA) I appreciate the mentality that you don’t always need more. A family can be happy and comfortable and kids are not damaged by sharing spaces, even in the teen years! I love the CTR x ray! Thanks for sharing.

  72. Oh my! LOVING the kid sized Bertoia Chair!! We too love our vintage home – 115 year old skinny DC row house with fabulous high ceilings but squeezing out creative space saving designs is always a challenge (Murphy beds are our secret!). Thanks so much for the Vermont Rug Co. tip! It has been so challenging to find the right fit for long, thin spaces and it sounds like they may have creative, budget minded solutions. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!

  73. Oh, that MUST be a parlor floor with those super high ceilings and amazing moulding! And I cannot blame you for frequenting Lucali’s.

    So many people don’t understand why families sacrifice space and convenience to live in NYC. While it’s totally worth it to live in a neighborhood like CG, I’d also point out that you don’t need as much stuff and space as you think you do. Living in a small space requires you to just have the things you really need, and there’s something really freeing about that.

  74. Love the barrington blue bench! The best!

  75. I would love to see how she decorates for Christmas! Maybe you can do an update in december eh eh? :)

  76. It’s not too late to make a mold of Rosie’s hand or foot!!

  77. I wish my teeny New York apartment was that big and beautiful! It works. :) With this being my first January in the city, it has been tough.

  78. This apartment is so rad! it’s my dream of brooklyn living realized from suburban california.

  79. This is a great post and what a beautiful home! I am one of those people who can’t shut their mind off either so I also tell myself stories to “put myself to sleep” every night! And here I thought I was the only one who did that!! lol

  80. What a lovely space! We are a family of 6 in a 1-bed on the UWS – it’s true living in a small space makes up for being able to call this great city home!

  81. what a cool apartment and what a cool family! love it!

  82. I’ve been putting myself to sleep with stories for years! I have such a hard time shutting my brain off, it really helps to focus on one thing. It started in high school with fantasies of bumping into celebrity crushes at the mall:)

  83. Loved this post and all the little tidbits of family life crammed in a relative small (yet beautiful and inviting) space. How inspiring.

  84. Linsey and Brian are miracle workers and wonders. Having moved to the ‘burbs from NYC, i can’t tell you how much I miss the lessons living there taught–how to make things work, how to carefully evaluate your stuff and living space, filtering and purging. Like you’re on a constant soul cleanse. Love this apartment!

  85. I love the photos of you all.
    I also tell myself stories in a sense .. I often “write” or go over a blog post or a letter I will write that is telling a story .. While I am thinking of how to word this or that, I fall asleep.
    I guess I bore myself lol
    You did a brilliant job with that small amount of space .

  86. Wow, what a stylish and functional space! I love her fabric backed bookshelf. I’ve done the same thing (stuck it on with glue).

  87. I loved reading everything about this – the image that will stay in my mind is a ribbon cascading from a top bunk and alighting a giggle

  88. Ahhhh- they make such good use out of wall space in this apartment. I love the openness and light of it too- probably makes the smallness tolerable! I agree- sometimes it’s ok to forgo space for the experience of something. I also think it’s healthier growing up learning to compromise and be creative with your space. Those are good skills to know for life.

  89. When I saw this headline I thought, “great, another Brooklyn apartment that will make me feel envious and poor!” … but this wasn’t that! The desks near the bed are GENIUS so now I know what we’re going this weekend. And the kids room makes me feel like we can do this: we can have another kid and they’ll share a room and it will all be OK. Thanks :)

  90. How is this house so well-kept with three young kids? There’s are many things in the house, yet it doesn’t look cluttered. In fact, it looks REALLY organized. Which is different from an organized minimalistic house that looks pristine, but hardly lived in. Just wow! Loving the elephant basket :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  91. Very nice and organized apartment!


  92. This apartment is perfect – I am so inspired by how she’s made it work with three kids in a small place. We’re adding baby #2 this year to a similarly small place (different set up) and I’m inspired to make some changes! We can make it work :)

  93. Gorgeous apt! Joanna, you have a way of asking the right questions, ones that yield the ribbon-dangling story answers.

  94. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and practical space! Sometimes I feel left out of home tours because I have a small space. These are some ideas I can totally use. Kids sharing rooms always makes my heart happy because I have such fond memories of sharing with my brother when we were little.

    Also, I love the high/low mix. Jonathan Adler light fixture + IKEA bookshelves = brilliant.

  95. OBSESSED with this apartment! Proves you don’t need a ton of space to live well.Quality not quantity:)

  96. I think it’s great how they managed to use the space and keep it from looking too busy. I am not sure that arrangement will work when the kids get older and need some privacy, though. I couldn’t do the NY thing myself. I’ve been sharing a one bedroom apartment with my husband and cat for the past 5 years and I am itching to get a bigger place. I can’t imagine living in practically the same size space with 3 kids! I can’t wait to get a larger place where I can have some time to myself.

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  102. Hi Joanna! Thank you so much for sharing my dressing! I truly appreciate it. We’re HUGE fans of Mexican food in our house too! Can’t get enough. I’m in absolute awe of your friend’s gorgeous apartment by the way – stunning pictures!
    Kaitlin @ TheGardenGrazer

  103. i live in a smallish space (rowhouse) so i definitely get the “i wish we had…” urges. but more space is just that: more space. i love that peg board! and the sleeping arrangements for the kids. don’t let rosie out-grow that crib!

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  109. em says...

    that bit about dangling a ribbon until someone giggles or pulls is too wonderful! brings back fun memories of sharing rooms with my sister and sleepovers with cousins. thank you for sharing your home : )