The Cup of Jo 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Cup of Jo Holiday Gift Guide

This year, we’re kicking off our holiday gift guide early, per reader requests! Our first post — with gifts for best friends — just went up. Over the next few weeks, we’ll update this post with more links, as we publish more guides. We hope you love them!

Gifts for best friends
Gifts for kids
Gifts for moms
Gifts for boyfriends/husbands
Gifts for girlfriends/wives
Gifts for sisters
Gifts for brothers
Gifts for dads
Gifts for people who are hard to shop for (co-workers, teachers, in-laws, teenagers!)

Here’s the complete 2017 gift guide, if you’d like to browse. Here we go! xoxo

(Illustration by Alessandra Olanow for Cup of Jo.)

  1. Amanda G says...

    Hi COJ team!

    Just wanted to drop a note and let you know I ordered a couple of photo books for my family and in-laws from my wedding this summer and used Pinhole Press, since I’d seen the company so often on here. I received the books today and they are just SO gorgeous and of a great quality. I was dreading receiving them, worried they wouldn’t turn out well, but they took my breath away. Thank you so, so much for the recommendation! We’ll be using Pinhole Press again for our wedding album when we finally compile it :) Happy Holidays!!

  2. Tina says...

    I always love your gift guides and have already made a couple of purchases that I’m really excited about. Have you ever thought of adding a stocking stuffers gift guide? Our extended family does stockings for kids, the girls and the guys where we each contribute one thing and I always have a hard time finding just a little something but still fun.

    Excited for the rest of the 2018 gift guides!

  3. Susan says...

    I’d swear you had a list for teen and tween boys last year that saved me. My grandsons are 10 and 14. It was you, wasn’t it?
    I love your blog!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes! we do teens/tweens in our hard-to-shop for guide!

  4. AzureSong says...

    How about a list for tweens/teens?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Yes coming up!

  5. How about artist-made items from local artist, galleries, and shops. When you buy locally, most of the money stays in your community!

    Art feeds the spirit and soul; it brings light and life to being. Art can make your heart sing and your spirit soar. Something that comes from the heart through the hands.

 When you support an artist, you acknowledge the creative spirit, and the significance of creativity and independent thinking in our lives. You have the opportunity to see the world in a different way, as the artist’s vision is manifested in each piece he or she has made.

    When you buy art, you support your local economy, both the economy of your community, and the economy of the spirit. You can know that you are buying something that was made with care, one at a time, by hand.

    You have the opportunity to see the world through the artist’s eyes; to affirm that artists’ work is critical to the survival of a sane society; and to proclaim that the vision artists share is an essential part of all our lives.

  6. Marina says...

    Hanukkah is Dec. 2 – 10 this year, so early! Would love to see your guides early to help with shopping. Thanks!

    • Thank you Marina. I celebrate Hanukkah as well and would have liked to be able to browse these guides earlier, especially for my brother, “who has everything!” Thanks.

  7. Alex says...

    I look forward to your gift guides all year and refer back to them at various (non-holiday) times – Thanks for these!

  8. I love that you are posting these a bit earlier! Helps me budget and schedule online gifts better! Thank you!

  9. Thank you for the early gift guide. Some of us are planners (or procrastinators, ha ha!, who like to think about things for a long time before finally acting) and appreciate the heads up on good ideas.

  10. Erin says...

    Thank you, thank you for posting these earlier this year, even though I’m one of those “wait until after Thanksgiving, it deserves it’s own hurrah!” kind of girls. Never hurts to get a jump on shopping!