Halloween candy trading guide

There are only two days until Halloween!!! The most high-stakes part of the evening is, of course, the trading of candy. After interviewing 10 kids between the ages of 5 and 14, we put together THE official guide…

Halloween candy trading guide

Snickers and Reese’s are at the top of the heap. One of those is worth two of the candies in the row below, and so on. And no one cares about raisins.

Here are some ways you can trade!

Halloween candy trading guide

Finally, eight-year-old Toby, five-year-old Anton and their five-year-old friend Lincoln weigh in.

How would you describe candy?
Lincoln: Some are chewy.
Anton: A lot is chewy! Basically all of them!

What if someone gives you raisins?
Lincoln: That would be terrible. So terrible.
Anton: I would be like, uh, excuse me, it’s Halloween! That’s more like snack time!

What’s the best color M&M?
In unison: Red.

How many pieces of Halloween candy do you usually get?
Toby: 500!
Anton: 16!

Thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Please weigh in below!

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(Graphic design by the wonderful Erin Jang for Cup of Jo.)