Big Salad substack email by Joanna Goddard

Big Salad substack email by Joanna Goddard

Hi! We are so excited to announce that we’re launching a new weekly newsletter: Big Salad. Each email will feature 100% original content, while still bringing Cup of Jo’s warm, welcoming approach and curiosity about the world.

Starting this Friday, we’ll be sending one weekly email. Each issue will feature a fun person — think: comedians, actors, designers, chefs, writers — who will share their 10 favorite things, plus genius life advice and a buzzy link round-up. We are kicking things off with comedian Phoebe Robinson and pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz and pop-culture obsessive Hunter Harris. And, we have to say, their interviews are funny and their recommendations are so, so, so, so good.

Everyone will get the first three issues for free. After that, if you decide to upgrade to paid, you’ll keep getting new issues every Friday. If you stick with a free subscription, you’ll get one monthly email with bits and bobs. Feel free to choose whichever feels right to you!

Once a month, I’ll also be sending a more personal issue of Big Salad about dating (eek!), reserved for paid subscribers. While I’ve always shared my life openly on Cup of Jo (like my everyday makeup, postpartum depression, my marriage ending, and our house tour), the Internet at large feels a little too public and exposed to write vulnerably about my dating journey as I begin this new chapter. But I want to talk about it! And revel in the awkwardness! And hear your funny/surprising/sweet stories! So, Substack — with a space just for subscribers — seems like a great way to foster a more intimate community for chatting about personal things, similar to a group text. Like, what are people wearing on first dates these days? And the other night I spotted a guy kissing his girlfriend with his hands on his hips, and it made me laugh — is this a new move we should all be trying?

Big Salad is for thoughtful, warmhearted people who love discovering the surprises and delights, big and small, that make life meaningful.

Thank you so much for reading. We’re so happy you’re here.
Love, Joannaxo

(Cup of Jo will remain exactly the same — and completely free — as it’s been for the past 16 years. Nothing will change here at all.)

Big Salad substack newsletter by Joanna Goddard

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