Who’s ready to vote?!…

After the devastating antisemitic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting this weekend, and all that’s happened over the past couple years, November 6th can’t come quickly enough. The midterm elections are really important this fall. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 seats in the Senate, and governors in 36 states are on the ballot. “There’s a lot at stake for President Trump,” writes CNN. “The party that ends up in control of Congress can make the President’s life a breeze or a nightmare during the last two years of his term.”

Here’s how to get yourself ready for voting day:

1. Find your voting location and times.
If you enter your address here, you can confirm your voting place, and see the hours it will be open. If you’d like to try to vote days ahead of time (some states require a valid reason for this, and some states don’t offer it at all), go here. If you need an absentee ballot (typically because you’ll be out of the country or unable to appear at the polls because of sickness or disability), go here.

2. Find out what you need to bring with you. In some states (including California and New York), you usually don’t need ID; you can just state your name and address. Other states require ID. Check your state’s requirements here.

3. Get the transportation or support you need. If you need a ride to the polls, reach out to Carpool Vote, and Lyft and Uber are also offering discounted or free rides on voting day. If you’re taking care of kids, you are allowed to bring minors with you into the voting booth in every state in the country. If you feel as if you’re getting harassed, intimidated or turned away at the polls, don’t hesitate to call a voter protection hotline. They’re made for that exact reason, and people want to help.

4. Decide who you want to vote for.
BallotReady and Ballotpedia show you all the candidates on your particular ballot, what they support and who endorses them. Both tools are super helpful and easy to use. Another approach: If there’s an issue or two that you’re incredibly passionate about, you can find groups that support those causes and see which candidates they’re supporting. For example, if your top issue is gun reform, you can use the Gun Sense Candidate look-up tool created by Moms Demand Action. If your number-one issue is the environment, you can see the League of Conservation Voters’ list of ‘Dirty Dozen’ candidates who consistently side against the environment.

vote on November 6th

Will you be voting on November 6th? It’s so important! We can do this!!! What else would you add to this list?

P.S. On sexual harassment, and how do you get your news?

(Bottom photo taken by General Store of voting posters by Lena Wolff and Publication Studio Bay Area.)