Toby and Anton reading

What funny things have the kids in your life said recently? Now that Toby is 8 and Anton is 5, they’re getting really curious about the world around them. How does it all work? They’re such sweet ages, where everything feels enticing and magical. Here are a few funny things they’ve busted out with lately…

Toby recently hung a puppy calendar next to his bed. The other day, I glanced over his shoulder, and instead of “the first day of school” or “Thanksgiving,” he was writing down more essential milestones: “When I first heard Kissing Strangers” (March 5th) and “the day I threw up” (April 21st).

Anton loves his toy ukulele. Alex recently asked him if he’d like to take lessons. Anton shook his head: “I don’t want to play real guitar. I want to play pretend guitar.”

On a drizzly afternoon at the park:
Toby: “What a great day to play soccer.”
Anton: “Yeah, this is a great rainy day ’cause it’s not too rainy but it’s also not too not-rainy.”

Anton’s always asking questions about the world around him. (“How long until I’m older than Toby?” “Do you have to pay to get money from the bank?”) They’ve also learned a little about where babies come from, including the very basics of sex, and Anton recently turned to me in the kitchen and asked matter-of-factly, “So, Mommy, do flies do the lie-down-naked thing?” (I mean, DO they?)

Anton: “What’s a revolution?”
Me: “Where did you hear the word?”
Anton: “A Tom Petty song.” (pause) “The song went, ‘Something something something something something revolution something something something something something something something.'”

Anton: “I made three friends at school today.”
Me: “That’s great! What are their names?”
Anton: “I don’t know their names! I can’t know everybody’s name!”

Snorkeling in the bath

Snorkeling in the bath.

note for the tooth fairy

Leaving a chocolate chip and a note for the tooth fairy. Break my heart.

Joanna Goddard and Alex Williams

Watching Alex and me head out to dinner. Their little faces!

Joanna Goddard and Alex Williams

Anton’s hand lol.


What have the kids in your life said recently? What makes them laugh? I’d love to hear.

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