Bob Dylan guitar

Bob Dylan guitar

What are you up to this weekend? Alex’s sister is visiting from Atlanta, and we’ll be celebrating her birthday. The boys also made her a very earnestly decorated cardboard box. ;) Have a safe and cozy weekend, and, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few fun links from around the web…

The 2018 comedy wildlife photography awards, lol.

Three tricks for making sure cheese never clumps in pasta.

How to exercise in just a sports bra. Loved this. (NYT)

What beautifully shaped mirrors.

Kids practice every single emotion they’re ever going to use on anybody on you.”

The cutest maternity dress.

Excited for this genius cookbook. (They always get it just right.)

There are many ways to be a girl, but only one way to be a boy. (NYT)

A staycation romance. “I venture out into the bathroom, to mingle with the locals. Ooh, who’s that sexy, mysterious stranger leaving hair all over the shower? Why, that’s my husband of five years.”

The most popular recipe in every state, according to google. What’s yours? New York is chicken cutlets!

What Frasier’s apartment would look like in 2018.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Jessie on simple pleasures: “A cup of coffee in bed, the faces of my children as they sleep (those eyelids!), flowers, the smell of the ocean, when a scent takes you back to a good memory, spotting cows or horses and exclaiming ‘Cows!’ or ‘Horses!’ even if you’re driving by yourself.”

Says Melissa on a welcoming Brooklyn home: “Thank you for sharing the beautiful parts of being a divorced mother. This is my lived experience, too, and it’s so easy for people to see it as tragic. But, when you are centered in the blessing of your freedom, your choices and the example of empowerment that you are setting for your children, it can be a blessing.”

(Photo of Bob Dylan by Don Hunstein. Emotions via Kottke.)