Handblown Carafe

Handblown glass carafe, from $84; or this $15 cutie.

Best chocolate chip cookies by Tara O'Brady

A batch of homemade cookies, just like she taught you.

Cozy cardigan

A soft cardigan she can cuddle up in all winter, $74. (Plus, a pretty necklace.)

John Derian plate from Catbird

A lovely plate to cradle her jewelry and brighten up the bedroom, $50.

Pasta seasonal subscription

Seasonal 100% organic pasta subscription, starting at $65 for three months. They come in cool shapes, and some are flavored (like beet, porcini mushroom, even chili pepper!).

Smitten Kitchen Every Day cookbook

Two of the year’s best cookbooks: Smitten Kitchen Every Day, $21, or The Dinner Plan, $20.

Fingerprint bookmark band

Fingerprint bookmark band, $7, so she knows just where she stopped.

Mama necklace by Erica Weiner

Beautiful necklace, $85. (This is really sweet, too.)

Rifle Paper cards

Vintage blossoms card set, $16, so you can be pen pals.

Charlotte Tilbury face mask

The face mask all your friends are buzzing about, $22. It takes just 15 minutes and you’re glowing afterward. (Would be fun to do with a group!)

Emily McDowell Fight the Patriarchy Mug

A mug that she agrees with, $18.

Ilhan Omar

A donation in her name to She Should Run, a non-partisan organization helping women become political candidates. (Because we need more women like Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota legislator who last year became the first Somali-American Muslim woman to hold public office.)

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(Carafe and pasta photos by Julia Gartland, Rocky Luten and Bobbi Lin for Food52. Cookie batter photo by Tara O’Brady.)