Gift Guide Part #4: Your Beautiful Mom Who Gives the Best Shoulder Rubs and Always Knows Just What to Say.

Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweater, $59.50. Most turtlenecks are either too clingy or too bulky, but this one’s just right. Soft and flattering, the sweater drapes beautifully and has pretty ribbed cuffs.

AHeirloom cake stand

AHeirloom cake stand, $70, to make birthday cakes, coffee cakes, donuts or even just Saturday morning banana bread feel special.

Faux fur sleep mask

Faux fur mask for shut-eye on flights when she comes to visit (and the coziest naps at home). $28.

Chocolate loaf cake

Chocolate loaf cake, $18. Made with Intelligentsia espresso, dark brown sugar and the deepest chocolate.

Wine Pearls

Wine pearls, because she’s been putting ice in her Chardonnay for thirty years, and now she can up her game. $25.

Wine pearls

A sherpa-lined robe, $145, officially a million times cozier than a regular robe. (This sold out quickly! Here is a plaid one and plush one.)

French ceramic butter keeper

Butter keeper, $35, the ingenious French dish that keeps butter soft, spreadable and unrefrigerated. (Available before Christmas here and here.)

Aesop volumizing shampoo

Aesop volumizing shampoo, $29, which makes hair silky and thick. (Aesop has a cult following for a reason.)

Food 52 Cookbooks

A stack of the year’s best cookbooks: Genius Recipes, Baking and My Kitchen Year.

Tickets to a live recording of the Mortified podcast

Two tickets to a fun excursion, like a museum, a movie or Mortified, the hilarious event (and podcast) about the embarrassing diary entries, fan letters and love notes people wrote when they were kids.


A bag that describes how you feel, $45. (All proceeds go to Every Mother Counts.)

P.S. More gifts for moms, and the 2015 gift guide so far

(Cake stand photo by Whitney Ott. Butter keeper via Bon Appetit)

  1. Jen says...

    I have that exact butter keeper already. It’s lovely and simple and pretty enough to keep on the counter. Plus I always have spreadable butter!

  2. I own the Lou & Grey turtleneck at the top and have to say that the fabric is sooo soft and the bright blue color is fantastic.

  3. Nora says...

    Am I crazy or was a lavender plant listed here originally as well?

  4. oh my gosh- wish i could go see Mortified! looks hilarious

  5. Lauren P. says...

    Love that robe… but it’s sold out! :(

  6. yael steren says...

    Wow those chocolate brownies look heavenly and I love the bottle of the shampoo! I’ve been doing some gift guides on my blog as well, if you wanted to check it out! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx yael

  7. Gabrielle says...

    I have been brainstorming an event for some quality mom-daughter time and Mortified seems perfect! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  8. Love the Maman tote bag! My mom loves totes.

    I’m hoping you come out with a gift guide for your foodie stepdad who just buys whatever he wants whenever he wants it and has never seemed excited about a gift you’ve given him so last year you just made a bottle of jalapeno-infused vodka? ;)

  9. Charo says...

    Now… what about advice on presents for a beloved mom who doesn’t stop nagging at you, telling you you do everything wrong, a very beloved mom who alwasy looks at you from head to toes and finds something to criticize, that beloved mom, who you love regardless but who’s gonna find any present from you as usless, too expensive, too cheap, too ugly… but you love her…

    • Jenny says...

      I feel you. I love and appreciate my mom, but I definitely wouldn’t say “she always knows just what to say.” In fact, she seems to always know what you shouldn’t say, but says it anyway. I get jealous while watching shows like Gilmore Girls where the mom and daughter have a close relationship.

    • Rebekah says...

      My thoughts exactly!

  10. This is a great list! Some things my mum would actually like haha

  11. I love the french butter keeper. I have seen it last year at a pottery market and haven’t bought it. I regretted it so much and have been searching for it, but didn’t knew the name.

  12. How I wish I could give them all to my mom. If not, I’d like to shop for every young mom I know here on my side of the world. :D

  13. Katie Larissa says...

    Can you do a post on mother in laws who are picky AND have enough money to buy themselves whatever they need/want? Ha. That’s my conundrum this year…and every year for as long as we both shall live.

    ::huddles in corner crying::

    • Katie says...

      Katie, fellow Katie here. And you are not alone! In years past I’ve persued the sentimental route (snapfish book of a recent trip that we all took together, Christmas tree ornament engraved with their dog’s name, homemade peanut brittle). This year she straight up asked for (and will receive) a wine decanter from La Terrine.

  14. It’s funny how different moms could be because nothing on this list speaks of my mom. But I would love it all! Haha! My mom is definitely still a fashionista…she hinted at some new boots. My MIL is the complete opposite she’d be happy if we stayed with them forever instead of gifts! I think her love language is Quality Time :)

    Xo Lendy

  15. I have never tried Aesop. How is that possible.

    But, what I really love is your mom’s description. “Always knows what to say”… I hope my children say that about me one day.

  16. That heirloom cake stand is SUCH a perfect gift. I got my mom a vintage copy of the Playboy interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono since she is obsessed with the Beatles. It’s an amazing read and tells all about the inspirations for their songs. Hope she doesn’t mind the Playboy part, ha ha. xx

  17. If I’m a mom who is about to have her #2, can I justify buying myself that robe?? I bought a new robe for the birth of my last baby lol! Great pics Joanna!


    • YES you deserve it!
      Signed, a mom of two toddlers

  18. Janelle says...

    just ordered the butter keeper for my butter loving fiance….just the kind of fun random and weird gift i needed for him, plus it looks great so i won’t mind keeping it on the counter.

  19. ashley b says...

    awwww, i’m so glad you linked to the bag! i love every mother counts. in fact, i’m running the next year’s nyc marathon for them! birth and babies!

  20. These are perfect! Thank you! We already exchanged gifts this year (we live far away) but I will save these for next year :)

  21. kelly libby says...

    I’m really enjoying these gift posts. It’s nice, sometimes, to simply look at beautiful item suggestions, click and dream away.

  22. I love the Aesop shampoo and conditioner range (especially the conditioner) it smells amazing and I feel like I am in the hair salon at home.