After my marriage ended, I took a year off dating to clear my head. But this past February, I decided I was as ready as I’d ever be and signed up for a dating app. And, while there have been ups and downs, of course — and some of the profiles are wild! — I’ve overall been so pleasantly surprised by how fun dating has been so far.

For example, one night, a sweet guy came back to my house after dinner. It was our second date, and we talked and listened to music and made out like teenagers. At midnight, I walked him to the door. He said good night — and then gently but firmly pushed me up against my foyer closet and gave me the kiss of a LIFETIME. Like, Atonement vibes, you guys.

I’ve always liked to move slowly in relationships — preferring not to sleep with someone until I feel completely ready, and also savoring that early tension, which is such a fun part of dating, don’t you think? And I’m glad to report, I’ve gotten zero pushback and instead very sweet responses, like “There’s no rush at all” and “Your pace is my pace” and “If you thought I was an easy score you’re sorely mistaken, ma’am.”

One funny moment: While making out with a cute dad, we were both very into it; and he stopped and looked at me and said, “I know we’re taking things slowly, and I’m fully on board, but just to play devil’s advocate…” and we both started laughing. I’m laughing just typing this. After a grinding couple years in my personal life, dating feels so funny and fizzy right now.

Joanna Goddard

So! Recently, on Instagram, this prompt was going around: “Quickly name 5 topics you can talk about for 30 min.” (What would yours be?) My answer included “make-out songs,” and a few people asked for recommendations. Today I put together this make-out playlist, if you’d like to try it out.

Thoughts? What songs would you add? I’d love to hear! xoxo

P.S. My sex mixtape, and is this the sexiest podcast?

(Photo by BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy.)