Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

Auna Barretto-Grignoli is a self-confessed “shopaholic,” but you won’t ever find her in Zara or Forever 21. Her wardrobe is mainly thrifted with a few sustainable pieces mixed in. She’s currently a student at University of San Francisco where she’s majoring in media studies and an intern at Lisa Says Gah. Here, Auna shows us five outfits she wore in a week…

Coat: Reformation. T-shirt: Everlane. Jeans: Vintage Levis Student Fit. Boots: LOQ.

“Right now, I’m going through a minimal phase. I’m always running from work to school to home, so I’ve been keeping it easy and comfortable in T-shirts, jeans and boots. No matter what, I’m always wearing something thrifted. About 80% of my wardrobe is used.”

“When it comes to new things, I love Reformation. It’s well-made and sustainable, so I feel like it’s worth the splurge. I always have like 10 things in my cart, but I only actually buy something if I can wear it with lots of different outfits and can’t find it anywhere else — like this fluffy coat. I tried to find a vintage one, but the cut and buttons of this one were just so perfect. I love a statement coat because it draws attention to an otherwise boring outfit. This one, especially, can make anything look Jeanne Damas French girl — just add this piece and you’re suddenly Parisian chic.”

Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

Blazer: thrifted, similar. Turtleneck: thrifted, similar. Jeans: RE/DONE. Boots: Suzanne Rae, similar. Necklace: Etsy, similar. Earrings: Etsy, similar.

“My mom is the big style icon in my life. When she was my age, living in San Francisco, she worked in the financial world around a lot of men, so she felt like she had to project a sense of power. She was super into power suits. Now I really go for that menswear look with a female twist, like this blazer.”

Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

“I borrow a lot of my mom’s old tops, jewelry and scarves. She’s also my best thrifting buddy. My family lives in Napa, and I go home every other weekend. City life can be a little crazy, so it’s nice to decompress. Plus, suburban and rural areas are the ideal place for vintage shopping, since prices are lower and the stores aren’t picked through like in San Francisco. When I do go shopping in the city, I go to Static and Held Over on Haight Street.”

Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

Bow sweater: thrifted, similar. Jeans: thrifted, similar. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, similar. Basket purse: thrifted, similar and similar.

“My high school was really preppy, very Lilly Pulitzer, and I just didn’t vibe with that. Though I hate the word, I always dressed a little ‘edgier.’ I was wearing mom jeans, vintage polo shirts and men’s button-downs. I was really self-conscious dressing this way at first, but I liked the way it looked, so I forced myself to do it. I learned to not be concerned with what other people think.”

“I love vintage denim because it’s already worn-in and soft. Mom jeans are what’s available in most thrift stores. Since they can be baggy, I make sure they fit perfectly in the waist before buying them. I love a cinched-waist silhouette. I also wear a shirt that can be tucked in, so I don’t get lost in the clothes.”

Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

Jean jacket: thrifted, similar. T-shirt: Everlane. Jeans: Everlane. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, similar. Carafe: Ikea.

“When I see something I like on Instagram — say, an outfit, home decor or a photograph — I’ll save it for inspiration; then I’ll keep an eye out for things that match it. Thrifting can be overwhelming for some people, but I make sure that I’m awake as possible, that I’ve eaten a good breakfast and that I’m ready to work through all the racks. If I’m not going with my mom, I go by myself so I can take my time and not feel like I’m dragging anyone along. This jean jacket was one of my best find; I wear it all the time. I love the hunt.”

Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

Sweater: Cupio, similar. Jeans: Everlane. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, similar.

“I’m not usually into trends, like ruffle sleeves, but I was at Marshall’s and thought this sweater would be super cute for winter. It’s good for work and school, and the sleeves are fun. I try to stay away from fast fashion, overall. In college, I learned more about social justice issues and realized those types of clothes don’t mesh with my vision of what fashion should be. I’m not perfect, but I try to steer clear of brands that don’t care about how they produce.”

Week of Outfits: Auna Barretto-Grignoli

Earrings: Etsy, similar. Necklace: Etsy, similar.

“When it comes to jewelry, I’m drawn to small, simple pieces. I’ve been wearing these earrings every day. Jewelry is another fun way to pull an outfit together. I love the Laura Lombardi curve earrings and Young Frankk ribbon earrings. My other signature look is my winged eyeliner. I like the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner — it’s super pigmented and the felt tip stays pointy. I wish I had tips, but I just practiced getting the ‘flick’ right until I got better at it!”

Thank you so much, Auna!

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(Photos by Maria del Rio for Cup of Jo. Interview by Megan Cahn.)