Toby and Anton in Conversation

Toby and Anton in Conversation

Have your kids (or kids you know) said anything funny recently? Seven-year-old Toby and four-year-old Anton have been coming out with surprising things, and I love hearing what the world looks like to them. Here are a few conversations we’ve had…

Anton, eating a dripping popsicle: “Mommy, the sun keeps taking bites! The sun is eating the whole thing!”

Anton and I were lying down at bedtime, and my arms were wrapped around him. Half asleep, he whispered, “I wish I had your arm as a pet. I could cuddle it. And if I was hungry, it would say, ‘Here you go,’ and I would say, ‘Thanks!'”

Car-loving Toby, after learning about city planning at school: “Anton, will you move to suburbia with me? Every house has a driveway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A text from our sitter: “I found your driver’s license in Toby’s backpack in case you’re wondering where it is. He said he borrowed it because he wanted to buy a car and drive.”

Anton recently got a bomber jacket, and I asked him if it came in grown-up sizes. “No, Mommy,” he laughed. “Just me-sized.”

Anton, while scooting down the sidewalk: “It’s fun to be a kid.”
Me: “Oh, yeah? What’s fun about it?”
Anton: “You get to play and you have a mom.”
Me: “What’s a mom?”
Anton: “A lady who protects you.”

Toby has been writing more now that he’s older, and it has been sweet to hear his thoughts that way, too. For example, his birthday card for Alex: “Hi Dad, I love you. Because you give me chocolate milk in California and you give me dessert when my mom says no. I like you just the way you are. Love, Toby.”

Whenever we drive somewhere, the boys make a playlist for the car. I’m actually really into their choices! Anton’s two favorite songs right now are Take On Me and My Love Open the Door. :)

And a note from an older brother to a younger brother, haha.

Toby and Anton in Conversation

What little things are the kids in your life saying these days? What are they into? I’d love to hear… xoxo

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