Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Alex’s mom is visiting, and the boys are excited to show off their new tricks. Thank you so, so much for the heartfelt comments on this post. They were really incredible, thoughtful and important. Meanwhile, here are a few fun things from around the web…

California is on fire; here’s how to help.

YES! “It’s time for there to be roles in ballet where two men fall in love.”

How to read aloud to children. Such sweet tips.

I’d like to make this my work uniform. (You could also pair it with dressier pants.)

What an adorable vase!

Elevator etiquette in Japan.

Six outfits I’m stealing from When Harry Met Sally.

Impressive but easy cookies for Halloween.

Ten great books to give as gifts.

And who else is excited to try this?

Also, a big thank you to Forbes for naming us one of the Top 10 Parenting Influencers. We are so honored to be on the list.

Plus, two amazing comments:

Says Maggie on travel beauty: “For taking tiny bits of creams (or even liquids or powders!), contact lens cases are amazing. You can put just a few days’ worth of something in each side, they take up hardly any room in your bag, and you don’t feel like you’re wasting a lot of product by putting it in a 3 oz. bottle if you only use a dab every day.”

Nikki on a Seattle house tour: “Twin advice from a twin: Don’t tell them who is older until they are 18! My parents did this with my sister and me. Man, we thought they were soooo lame but we NEVER fought about it, never held it over each other’s head and then a few months before college we had a big party and they told us and got us engraved necklaces with our birth times. It was beautiful and perfect and secretly I think I always knew I was baby B. I tell all twin parents this. It was so lovely and is still something my twin and I talk about.”

(Elevator etiquette via Kottke. Photo by Bettmann.)