We’ve loved answering reader questions in the past (and hearing everyone weigh in). Here are four more, including fun party games and London recommendations…

Q. “I am about to start dating again after a bad breakup. Since I’ll probably go on a string of first dates, do you have a recommendation for a warm weather first-date uniform of sorts? Something casual but cute, ideally.” — Katie

A. Good question. For spring and summer, I would say, don’t underestimate the power of a white T-shirt and jeans. The look is iconic for a reason: when you pull them on, you immediately feel sexy and laid-back. Universal Standard has great trouser-style jeans — or you can channel Audrey Hepburn with this fit — and their white T-shirts are incredibly soft. (Have you ever worn one? You almost have to feel them to believe it.) If you want to be slightly dressier, you could go with a polo sweater and hoop earrings. Have fun on your dates, we are rooting for you!!!

Q. Some newer friends are having my husband and me over for pot roast on Sunday (so sweet!). What’s an easy non-alcoholic drink we could bring to share? – Johanna

A. I turned to Catherine Newman, who has strong thoughts on non-alcoholic drinks. “Ohhhh! I have so many ideas,” she texted back. “Here are three: Pineapple juice + seltzer + a dash of bitters + ice + lime wedge. Jalapeño limeade + frozen passion fruit cubes (Whole Foods sells these) + seltzer. Sour cherry juice + maple syrup + chipotle chilies (puréed from the can) + ice + seltzer. Otherwise, a good N/A beer like Sam Adams Just the Haze or a hoppy seltzer (Lagunitas is the best).” Thank you, Catherine! Her answer reminded me that Wölffer’s N/A rosé is excellent, and you also can’t go wrong with fizzy water and sliced lemons/limes/oranges.

Q. What’s a group game for adults that can be played in a small apartment? I’m having my cousins over and would love some ideas. In the past, we’ve enjoyed games like Code Names and Anomia. — Anna

A. Oooh, you’ve come to the right place! I LOVE a group game, so much so that my own cousins will start laughing when I say, “Hey guys, who wants to…” because they know exactly what’s coming. For a larger group, Celebrity is very fun and all you need are pens, paper, and a bowl. Neanderthal is a hilarious — you try to get your team to guess as many words as possible, but you can use only monosyllabic clues. (My friend Lizzy was trying to describe “fire,” and said, “Man. Made. This. First.”) Finally, you could do the number game, where you try to count as high as possible as a group, but the catch is, no one can call out a number at the same time. It’s weirdly hard and very funny!

Q. Cup of Jo hive mind, would you mind sharing your London tips with me? I am visiting soon and would love recommendations for restaurants, shops, art exhibits, etc. — Vale

A. Vale, I want to know this answer, too! When we go to England, we take the train straight to Cornwall, but I’ve always been curious what London has up its sleeve. Fellow readers, please share your ideas in the comments, if you’d like.

Thank you! If you have any other questions you’d like us to tackle, please leave them below, as well. xoxo

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