Spooky Halloween Dinners

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Do you have any Halloween dinner traditions? When I was five years old, my mom peeled grapes, put them in a bowl and turned off the lights. When we stuck our hands in, they felt like… eyeballs! I still remember the chills that ran down my spine. For dinner next Monday, check out these eight spooky recipes that kids would love…

Halloween Dinner Recipes

These four-ingredient frozen banana ghosts take 10 minutes.

Halloween Dinner Recipes

This recipe had us at “guacamoldy.” (The chips are made from tortillas cut with Halloween cookie cutters and toasted.)

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Whether you roast the peppers first or serve them raw, they make the perfect container for spaghetti brains!

Halloween Dinner Recipes

You can add some fright to your favorite soup with sticky rice “eyeballs.”

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Store-bought pizza dough can become bone breadsticks for dipping into marinara “blood.”

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Whip up some jack-o-lantern quesadillas with pumpkin, chicken and goat cheese.

Halloween Dinner Recipes

And serve drinks with wormy ice.

Any other ideas to share? We’d love to hear!

P.S. A funny costume for babies, and a genius way to cook family dinners.

(Top photo of Halloween pizzas by Tastes Better From Scratch, via SwissMiss.)

  1. Haha! These are great! So cute and creative!! Saving for next year.

  2. I love themed recipes! And healthy food. It’s actually really dorky how excited I get about making this stuff. This isn’t a dinner per say, but I recently made these healthy Halloween-themed snacks: Spooky Apple Bites & Healthy Witch Fingers.

  3. These are so fun! I like wrapping hot dogs in strips of Pillsbury pizza dough and dotting ketchup or mustard for the eyes. The wormy ice and bones look especially fun (and easy!).

  4. Aww such cute Halloween treat ideas, there’s so many I love! Definitely going to be bookmarking this one. Happy Halloween!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. Wormy ice… yummy… :D

  6. We started a tradition just last year after coming home famished from trick or treating and realizing I hadn’t thought about dinner. We picked up Chinese takeout, came home and lit a fire and after we put our daughter to bed watched a horror movie just the two of us with pumpkin beer! Will be repeating that this year too, can’t wait.

  7. Adrienne says...

    After we get home from trick-or-treating, we plop in front of the TV, watch Halloween movies, and have popcorn and hot chocolate for dinner. After popcorn, we eat ALL the candy. It usually results in stomachaches all around, but it’s totally worth it.

    • Kristin says...

      This is pretty much the best family tradition I’ve ever heard of! I’m gonna do it, too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Bridget says...

    I make enchilada casserole ever Halloween. My kids love it. I’ll make one chicken and one pumpkin. They have already asked to make sure that I am going to make it this year!

  9. Awads says...

    I make those cresent roll/hotdog mummies for my son every halloween. He loves them so much!

  10. Cynthia says...

    Maybe I was a dud-mom but I never could get into the weird food tricks. Instead, I set the dining room table with all the good linens and silver, put out a bunch of candles and covered the table with colorful leaves and acorns the kids collected. We’d invite another family over and sit down to an early dinner of roast pork and vegetables and baked apples. Then the dads would carry their second glass of wine around the block with the kids while the ladies nibbled almond tart. When the guys came back for round two, we’d take the kids around another block while they cleaned up. By then the kids had plenty of candy and before the other family went home there would be a giant dump-out and trade going on. Sometimes the fun-mom kicked in and I’d let the kids stay home from school the next day and eat candy in their pjs.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that sounds so lovely!!!

  11. Being from Philadelphia, there are specific spice cookies that only come out this time of year. My mother would buy those, get apple juice, and we’d turn off the lights – light candles, and have juice with those cookies and tell ghost stories. Then we’d play hide and seek in the dark. I still love buying those cookies when I find them. :)

    • I’m from the area too – gotta love those spiced wafers!

  12. Amy says...

    We do mummy dogs as mentioned above. The kids love them!

  13. We started a new Halloween food tradition last year. Typically, I made soup because I remember (as far back as I can), my grandmother always making chicken noodle soup on Halloween. All of us grand kids would come to her house when we got hungry to get soup and compare our wares.

    Last year, we borrowed a big popcorn machine from my aunt and our house is the “popcorn house” for trick or treating! We also give out hot dogs (the good kind, not that sulfate free, organic, free range crap – lol) and water. It’s so much fun to see all the trick or treaters who come by who have been “tipped off” by their friends. And, everyone – kids and adults can join in the fun!

  14. These look seriously adorable and spooky at the same time! Would be perfect for a halloween party!

  15. June2 says...

    I made a version of the Martha Stewart chopped off finger cookies with almond fingernails! Super gross – but delicious!

  16. Lindsay says...

    My mom would always make carrot soup, pumpkin bread, and this meat and rice mixture cooked inside a pumpkin. Mostly it was about candy though!

  17. Hot dog pieces, about 2 inches high, on end. “Halloweenies.” Little ghosts shaped from rice. Broccoli on end as the trees;).

  18. Tera says...

    Omg those wormy ice cubes! I have to do that! Yay for fun food and drinks!

  19. I did mummy hot dogs one year (wrap hot dogs in strips of crescent roll dough). I thought it was so clever but my kids were too freaked out to eat them! ?

  20. Elliesee says...

    I started the tradition of black spaghetti – the squid ink type – with octopi – four half-spaghetti through hot-dog slices. My girls now ask for it, but eat really fast to go trick or treating!

  21. Susan says...

    Ha, so fun! My kids are a little older (9-14), but they still LOVE these traditions. Like others mentioned, we’re on the lookout for some semi-healthy dinner around Halloween, so we make “swamp monsters” — basically a stew of some sort (beef, lentil, etc.) with a blob of mashed potatoes dolloped on top like a ghost with green pea eyes. We also make the classic apple wedges with almond sliver teeth.

  22. these are so cute! i bet your boys would love em- i can’t wait for when my little girl gets into holidays!

    xoxo, brittany

  23. Very cute! I made cupcakes and piped icing in the shape of brains last year. And made cookie monster mouths! (red icing and marshmallows squished between 2 cookies…and 2 slivered almonds to look like fangs for some extra spookiness). :)

  24. alison says...

    Our family always does grilled cheese and tomato soup-it was my husband’s family’s tradition before ours too!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that’s so sweet!

  25. Karen says...

    This year I’m trying some EYEBALLS! Basically lychees stuffed with a blackberry (eyeball) in cranberry juice (with a splash o’ vodka for the adults). Hope they look cool!

  26. Claire says...

    My friends and their little boy make “haunted” gingerbread houses. They used icing to create spiderwebs, candy corn, pretzels, candy pumpkins, etc. it’s cute and I like how they put their trick or treat goodies to use this way.

    • Jackie says...

      What a great idea! I think I’ll try this with my boys this year!

  27. MEAT HAND! Every Halloween we make a meat loaf and mashed potatoes (also a good stomach base before all the candy) and serve it on a platter. Betty Crocker meat loaf recipe is freeform shaped into a hand and wrist and baked on a cookie sheet. When done, we pipe or scoop out the mashed potatoes around the hand. It’s best to add the ketchup to the “hand” before baking, though a little bit afterward is nice effect. Also, if you have the time, a single layer “square” of white onion on the fingertips makes for disgusting “fingernails”.

  28. Marissa says...

    It’s not a spooky food, but before trick-or-treating every year we would make homemade, personal pizzas on the grill. It became such a big thing, with a bunch of my friends and my brother’s friends and even my mom’s friends coming over every year. She’d lay out tons and tons of toppings, and my dad would man the grill. Even after we were way too old to trick-or-treat, everyone would still come over to eat pizza and hang out. So much fun!

  29. Ha! These are great and so much fun.