Genius Personality Test

Genius Personality Test

16 Personalities is a simplified, updated version of the Myers Briggs personality test, and the results are eerily accurate. Everyone in our office is going nuts over it. Which one are you?

The 13-minute movie Stutterer, about a London man who stutters and is heading out on a date, won an Oscar. I love how you can hear what he’s thinking, even as he struggles to say the words. Beautiful and moving.


Have you guys heard of Sweethome (update: bought by the NYTimes and renamed Wirecutter)? The genius site tries out all the versions of basic household stuff — vacuum cleaners, fans, hair dryers — and reveals the absolute best one. So smart. Alex and I got these towels on their recommendation and they’re fantastic.

Subway Train

My Fake Excuses for Flaking on Plans With Friends, written as movie synopses. This one made me laugh out loud: “‘We Took That Same Train’ (2008) On the day of his cousin’s boyfriend’s improv show, a train malfunction keeps twenty-six-year-old Lucas from attending. Things get weirder when audience members claim to have taken that same train and had no problem, leaving viewers to question the very nature of time and reality. ‘We Took That Same Train’ is a gripping science-fiction mind-bender.”

P.S. 7 great podcasts, and beautiful baby quilts.

(Stutterer via Kottke. Bath photo by Amanda Jane Jones.)