Are You Dressing Up for Halloween?

Illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis dressed her baby Harlan as Jerry Seinfeld’s crazy Uncle Leo. Amazing, right? Apparently, she had the idea last Halloween when she was still pregnant: “I thought, ‘If he’s still bald by Halloween, we’re doing it!’ ”

Haha I love this shot. And what did her baby think? “Everything was attached so lightly, he didn’t even notice it,” she said. “The hardest part was actually finding a purple turtleneck onesie for him.”

Nailed it.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? How about your little ones?

P.S. Toby as a giraffe, and a genius costume for adults.

(Photos by Kiersten Essenpreis, via Mashable)

  1. I have a friend who has nailed it with the baby costumes several times. For her first Halloween, her daughter Frances was Andy Warhol (inspirered by their similar hairstyles). The year after, her second daughter (only a few months old at the time) went as a veggie burrito (swaddled in a beige blanket inside a foil wrapper with sallad leaves etc). And last year, when Ruby had just started walking and was a little wobbly, she was a drunk sailor for Halloween! Genius. My eldest had refused all dress-up opportunities up to now. He says “I just want to be Alec, Mama”. I have a costume ready for him if he changes his mind tomorrow though.

  2. I’m going to be a cat- boring I know, but I’m too preoccupied with my kids/getting them ready for me to be anything creative! I was actually Elaine from Seinfeld one year and it was huge hit!

  3. Our daughter insists we all dress up (3.5). She is going to be a witch, her little brother a dinosaur and me, a butterfly. Dad says he is going to surprise us…we will see.

  4. I love it when babies are dressed as old men. Perfection.

    I’m going to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid this year. Look out world!

  5. Of course my boys loved Frozen this year and I thought there would be tons of elsa’s around…but the men of frozen are under-represented in costumes…so this year Luka (age 7) is Kristoff, Sam (age 4) is Olaf, Mikah (age 4 months) is Sven and me, well mommy has to feed Sven so I HAD to be a carrot. We had friends from school to be Elsa and Anne…As a group we kicked but at the school Halloween contest and won second place.

  6. I made my kids watch Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, in hopes of inspiring (ahem, coercing) them into a family Burton theme. Only one taker, but he makes an AWESOME Edward Scissorhands. My husband and I will be Beetlejuice and Lydia. (Non-Burton kids will be Ghost Rider and Invisible Man.)

  7. My three-year-old declared that he want to be a hermit crab and that his little brother should be an avocado. You know you are going to have to get creative when “hermit crab costume” only has about 3 results on Pinterest… The avocado is just wearing green, head to toe, with an enlarged produce label stuck to him!

  8. Too cute! I have 8 month old twin boys. One is bald and the other has a full head of hair so they are going to be the tortoise and “the hair”.

  9. My mom and I made my son a dragon costume out of an old hoodie, some felt and pipe cleaners. I’m particularly proud of the wings.

  10. I don’t have kids, but I have a giant, shaggy, black dog. So I’m going as Harry Potter and he’ll be “Padfoot” (Sirius Black). I am having wayyyy too much fun with it!

  11. bahahaha I love this so much. One of my friends is dressing her 2 year old up as Annie Hall and I am already dying to see the photos. So great.

  12. This year, my husband and I will be Luigi and Princess Peach from the Mario Brothers games when we help serve snacks at a college costume party. The past two years, we have been Waldo and Carmen Sandiego followed by Mayhem and Flo.

  13. So funny! Our little guy is going as a lightening mcqueen race car driver. He is so excited (and was scared of his tiger costume, so that was a no go)

  14. That’s so funny! My boyfriend and I are going as Agent Cooper and the log lady from Twin Peaks in honor of the new season being announced! It worked out well because found everything for SUPER cheap at goodwill.

  15. Uncle Leo! That is too good! Now if I could just get a couple of babies to dress up to my heart’s content!

  16. You only have a very short window in which to dress up your kid the way YOU want to. By age 3-4, they have their own opinions and there is no going back!

  17. This year we are the typical baseball player and disney princess, but last year, my (then) 2 year old was a logger and my 10 month old was a tree. Totally appropriate given our pacific northwest location and their brother-constantly-bowling-over-sister relationship. They had no idea, but we thought it was hilarious!

  18. Ha! That’s hilarious… although I’m sure they had to explain the costume to everyone.

  19. Cute! Our 2 year old daughter is in LOVE with Thomas the tank. She’s going as Thomas/engineer and mom and dad are going to be freight cars. I’m up to my eyeballs in cardboard!

  20. We have a Bunny, Rapunzel, and Captain America! I love Halloween!

  21. I have a little Elsa (the 18th billionth of the season, I imagine) and a Spiderman. I don’t dress up – too busy running trick or treat logistics and then finally planning to settle in with some crockpot chili.

  22. Haha, hilarious! My daughter is being some sort of Elsa/Cat. I’m rolling with it ;) I’m dressing up as Marty McFly!

  23. THIS IS SO ADORABLE. Harlan is going to look back on this (from a photograph or your blog or something) and be like and love it :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  24. My 9 month old is going to be an elephant!! I seriously love that Uncle Leo costume….

  25. I LOVE DRESSING KIDS IN COSTUMES THEY’RE TOO YOUNG TO UNDERSTAND! Sorry volovan. Haha. This is one of the best family costumes I’ve ever seen – so hilarious!

  26. I was thinking either dressing my little one as the Mad Hatter and Ill be a Cheshire cat. Or he can go as the mad hatter and ill paint my faceike a pop art Roy Lichenstein painting.

  27. Amazing!!
    I feel the complete opposite as Volovan. Dressing kids up when they have no idea is the greatest! They have no choice so it’s all for the parents and the most excellent photo opportunities. Cheers for having fun with it!!

  28. Cute. Im thinking of dressing mine up as the Mad Hatter and ill be a cheshire cat. Or he is going as spiderman and ill be a Roy Litchenstein pop art damsel.

  29. hahahahahaha, wonderful! Really, really wonderful.
    That made my day!

  30. He looks so cute! though, I don’t like when adults dress up kids with grown up characters/inner jokes, of course he’s just a tiny tot and it’s still too young too choose or even remember but I keep seeing small kids with costumes that they don’t even understand.
    This year we have several Halloween parties! So little Richi (18 months old) is dressing up as Frankestein, Dracula and as a Spider, this last one it’s his favorite with all the fur legs.