1. Haha love the amazon prime bit. It’s actually a problem. But seriously, I hear of couples breaking up because one watched too much Netflix by themselves and their partner got mad because of it.

  2. The Obamas! Yes.

  3. I think that even trying to recreate Obama’s life can be a huge challenge not mentioning the relationship. 2016 dating problems… For me it would have to be picking between cosy night in and the urge to check next email with a collaboration. It’s so hard to know that the email is there but you should not check it. Curiosity just kills me. Have a lovely day, Iga Berry x

  4. I love these cute illustrations. Problem #1 maybe is just a hint that we give to much credit to someone who is not worth it. We all overanalyze our snapchat story views. :D Have a great weekend!

    xx Ana http://www.disasterdiary.de

  5. Ha! This illustration is great and too true.

  6. Dating as a millennial is the absolute worst. Hallie from @Coralsncognacs hosts #TinderTuesdays on Snapchat and its hilarious and sad at the same time.

  7. ali says...

    When the Uber driver gets to witness your first kiss..

    • Allison says...

      i insisted we walk home from a date to avoid this! my friends thought i was nuts for having thought about it before hand but .. the logistics are the trickiest part!

  8. When you both sit together during the evening but spend the majority of the time scrolling through your phones like zombies! Such a brilliant illustration, sometimes I hate technology and how much people are like slaves to it!

  9. Mari, you make my days brighter, I’ll say it every day:) xox

  10. This is gold :)

  11. Dying at the venmo comment!

  12. Hilarious!! I’ve been in my relationship for almost 10 years now, so have no experience with modern dating BUT I imagine ‘Getting out of a long term relationship and realising you can now send e-flowers’ is probably a good’n.


  13. Sonja says...

    I had no idea what Venmo was. I just got PayPal. Worst Millennial ever.

    • I’ve got you beat… I still have never owned a smartphone. Born in ’86, I guess that makes me a millenial?

  14. Rachel says...

    OMG I had no idea that people can see that you’ve watched their Instagram stories!! Thanks for the heads-up so I can start being more covert…

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha no kidding right? we had a group panic attack when we realized that in the office!

    • E says...

      Same with Snapchat Stories!! AKA the new way to not so sneakily Keep in Touch with exes :-)

    • Joanna says...

      dumb question: when we say “instagram stories,” what is meant? A small video? A photo with a caption?

  15. “When your standard is raised by the Obamas.” Ha, seriously!

  16. Robin says...

    That last one cuts deep. My boyfriend’s lack of Prime is his one flaw. And yet, it stings.


  17. The instagram one is so my current angst.

  18. Hahaha dating is the worst. I would add one about ghosting. Unfortunately there are all kinds of dating ghosts. That could be another illustration….

    My most recent encounter was with someone I (and my friends!) legitimately thought was my future husband. We hit it off and were together every other day, until suddenly he decided he wasn’t ready to date again. Instead of having an adult conversation, he became distant. For 2 weeks I became the girl I advise my friends never to be. I overanalyzed – Did I love the Beach Boys too much? Should I not have done x,y,z?

    Then finally I confronted him and he explained his hesitation around dating at the moment. Sweet relief. I cried happy tears because I was so relieved to hear it wasn’t me. I mean, of course it wasn’t, but you just have to hear it! Ugh… that ghosting though. Why would anyone think this is okay? Just suck it up and give people the closure they deserve. :) /endrant xo

    • Joan says...

      If I had a nickel for every time someone said this to me after a bad date or a bad break up (or just any date), I’d be a very rich lady. Enjoy and treasure your marriage, but know that comments like that can really sting when someone is truly lonely.

    • Ugh, I agree, Joan. And, I am married. Once you’ve seen friends get divorced, husbands have affairs, spouses suddenly pass away, you realize that relationships are delicate for everyone and should never be taken for granted. Best of luck to you!

    • Renee says...

      Ugh… I had someone say this at a book club meeting and I wanted to punch her in the throat. Most of the women in my group are divorced and or looking and we were discussing dating. So this women spouts her little gem about being so glad she’s married and it ruined the mood as did this comment. A little sensitivity goes a long way. I’m also married.

  19. This illustration made me LOL. Thanks for the laugh this Friday morning

  20. Olive says...

    When cartoons are still kinda heteronormative…

    • Meredith says...

      3 out of 5 of these could easily apply to queer couples; two specifically mention “him/he” but presumably the artist is heterosexual. This doesn’t strike me as a fair criticism.

    • If it’s okay to post homosexual stuff, then shouldn’t it also be okay to post heterosexual stuff? I don’t understand what the problem with that is. This website posts tons of pro-gay stuff.