1. So funny! “I probably should have worn tights,” is my favorite one!

  2. This made me laugh — they’re all so true! Loved it, and everything on here, Joanna. Your blog is my favorite little corner of the internet, and it’s my treat to myself each day between work. There’s something special about how true-to-life, honest, funny, thoughtful and kind everything here is. Shoutout from a fan girl :) xo

  3. It’s clearly about which point of view you choose ;)

  4. Love this – too cute!!

  5. Talia says...

    Love these! For me – when I’m freezing means let’s snuggle! Happy weekend!

  6. Natalie says...

    Love these! When I’m with my boyfriend, “I’m freezing” is “Give me your damn jacket!” ;)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahaha good one!

  7. I absolutely adore these illustrations. I follow Mari on IG now :)


  8. Gabriella says...

    Hahaha! These are brilliant! Especially number 1 and 2!! So good! Thanks for a smile to warm up this cold Friday night :)

  9. yael steren says...

    The I’m a mess / I’m not wearing lipstick is hysterical! That’s how I feel when I’m not wearing eyeliner! Lol! Happy Friday! xx yael


  10. Everything always seems so much further away when a subway AND a bus are involved :)