What Are Your Pet Peeves?

What are your pet peeves? Mine include unnecessarily loud sneezes, slow walkers on busy sidewalks, and people say “mature” with a hard T. Share yours below, I am dying to hear…

This is part of a series with illustrator Emily McDowell, who asks us one pressing question every month (after a brief hiatus!), such as what do you do when you’re home alone and what’s really in your bag?

(Illustration by Emily McDowell for Cup of Jo)

  1. Elizabeth Segersbol says...

    My pet peeve is when someone is talking while their mouth is full. Another pet peeve is when someone is using their phone while having dinner, for example my daughter does uses her phone when we have dinner as a family.

  2. Christina says...

    1 and 2, the story of my life in corporate America. I cannot understand why anyone is clipping nails in public. Also, i had one guy, sitting next to me in a meeting, chew off his hangnail and spit it our right next to my foot. I almost spontaneously combusted.

  3. Vicky says...

    When people say “uh-huh” after you thanked them. It’s just sloppy!

  4. molly says...

    #blessed hashtag

  5. jenny says...

    Mine are mostly grammatical: misuse of reign and rein and confusing ‘your’ for ‘you’re. Also mansplaining: at 52, I will slap the next man who explains something to me that I’m already an expert in. Peace.

  6. Here’s a Hotel Pet Peeve. Hotel Hangers without hooks.

    One thing that has been a pet peeve of mine is hotels that use the anti-theft hangers. You know, the ones without a hook, just a post. They work fine in the closet, but if you want to steam out your suit or do a little hand laundry you need to bring along real hangers.

    I just wanted to let you know there is now a solution. It’s called the ConvertAHanger. Google: Convertahanger It’s a hook that attaches to the post and allows you to use the hotel anti-theft hangers anywhere in the room.

  7. The over excessive use of exclamation points.

    Friends on their phones at dinner/concerts/during general conversation. so rude.

    drivers who cut you off without even using their blinkers.

    people who say, “Oh you know, I just LOVE the outdoors” as if it were a new thing that they discovered – I mean, who doesn’t like being outside?

  8. My dad always used to hate when someone would reply “No problem” when someone said thank you. It implies that helping you took no effort and the act was worthless. Just say “thank you”!

  9. When my co-worker says “Things aren’t working internal”. It’s INTERNALLY!!!! grrrr.

  10. People texting or playing on their phones while out to eat with friends, people interrupting others

  11. 1. smug-anything (marrieds, music-fans, singles, parents, workers – blugh)
    2. group hysteria/freak-outs (from Taylor Swift to broken glass. Calm down.)
    3. the volume of commercials
    4. the East Coast bias of ESPN
    5. gloopy/squishy gross fruit in yogurt
    6. accidentally stepping on the prongs of a plug
    7. when people talk in public so as to be overheard. ugh.
    8. when you don’t have kids, but are kid-competent, and are happily/placidly enjoying holding a baby at a baby shower and 2-3 other people are going nuts in the baby’s face, making noises, etc. I guess, overly woo-woo kid people. Kids like different kinds of adults. We don’t all have to go nuts over the baby for the baby to be enjoying life. Grrrrr.
    9. Nonsense filler from the guys doing color. Let’s just watch the game. sssh.

  12. Loud breathers!

  13. This little box is just not big enough for all of my NYC-based pet peeves :)

    But if I had to choose just one, I would say people who refuse to move in on a crowded subway train. In moments of pure rage I have SCREAMED at people, “CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE IN?! WE ALL HAVE TO GET TO WORK!” Whew. Makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

  14. men eating bananas in public. i have NO idea!??! but it makes me cringe!

    • Ana says...

      ahahahhahahahaha – I hate that, too – both men and women.
      In fact, I believe I have never eaten bananas in public without breaking them into small pieces.

  15. 1. Public nail clipping or filing.
    2. Finding nail clippings on the floor. EW!
    3. When people play music out loud on their cell phone so everyone can hear it on the subway
    4. People who tell me how “tiny” I am. How about I tell you how “huge” you are! Not cool. Don’t comment on my size. Ever. Esp at work.

  16. Haha these are perfect!!!

  17. This shows how grumpy I am but I thought of another – being asked “do you want a small little bag?” in food shops. It might be a UK thing. It’s either small or little. You don’t need both words!!

  18. My husband says “We’re pregnant” and I haven’t got the heart to tell him that I HATE it! He says it with such pride and joy that I can’t do it to him. It makes me shudder internally. I also can’t stand noisy eaters.

  19. When my sweet William and I were first married, I would say, “it’s a pet peeve when…fill-in-the-blank (the counters aren’t cleaned after dishes are done…when you don’t hang up your clothes…etc.) I think I was not used to being direct and feeling like if I said it was my problem he would just be kind and take care of my pet peeves. After many iterations of this, he finally turned to me and with his wicked and clever humor said, “You have so many pet peeves,that you must be a hoarder!” I was stunned but laughed so hard (as he can only make me do) that I learned to be direct with him and he has learned to help care for my pet peeves. We have been married for twenty + years.

  20. my biggest pet peeve is no mirror in the change room in a store! (and then the sales person just standing there as you are forced out to look at yourself in the mirror)…

    also, the ‘are you finding everything ok’? comment salespeople say. grrrrrr!!!

  21. Stepping on wet floors with perfectly nice dry socks!

    Can I say though, that this post makes me feel badly… and it’s not that I do most of these things or anything.

    I liked the comment from the woman who stutters describing how people often complain about her use of “um” and “like”, which she actually uses to aid with her stutter.

    Remember, poor grammar often relates to education or aptitude, time sense, personal space and etiquette are largely cultural…

  22. GROUP PROJECTS! That one is definitely on the top of my list, Teachers who dont actually teach anything, students who talk to each other in class when they’re board, (am I on a Uni rant again? ok I’ll stop)

    Normal stuff, definitely unnecessary loud noises including people who talk loudly, people who make comment or give advice on subjects they obviously know nothing about. When my husband prettends he’s listening (note he does this to other people too)

  23. 1. Names with “creative spellings”. When I see a name like “Mikel”, it just makes me think their parents couldn’t read and write

    2. The drink is gone. Continuing to suck through the straw and make that awful noise isn’t going to make more soda appear

    3. People who put on perfume while on a plane. Wait till you get off!

    4. Drivers who try to push their way in. Likewise, drivers who don’t wave or smile to acknowledge you if you let them in.

    5. Employees at stores who act like they are doing you a favor by ringing you up.

  24. I had to comment again for this one. When people use ‘hun’ as an abbreviation for honey. Your husband or fiancee or girlfriend is not a nomadic Asiatic warrior!

    • sara says...

      my honey is hungarian, so I can use “hun”, right?? :)

  25. 1. Any one word texts but ‘k’ is by far the most obnoxious of all. It is understood. There is no need.

    2. Spitting in public. Absolutely rancid.

    3. People asking a million questions about what you are eating while you are eating.

    4. People who take other people hostage in a never ending conversation.

    5. Improper use of the word seen. I seen this, I seen that…, no, actually you didn’t.

  26. -When someone leaves a drawer or cabinet door just slightly ajar… You are in the motion of closing the damn thing, finish the job!!!

    -Incorrect use of your/you’re.

    -Slow walkers and sudden stoppers.

    -My worst of all is seeing necks bent into total unawareness because they are staring at a cell phone. Put it away!! Look at the world around you! This goes doubly if you are at a bar or restaurant. Facebook can wait, enjoy the company you are in and stop being rude!

    (That felt great!)