An Ode to Non-Stretchy Jeans

Lately, I’ve been noticing women wearing jeans that look old-school and noticeably flattering. (Specifically? Their butts look amazing.) Did they know some secret I was missing out on?

Then, I figured it out. They were all wearing Levi’s 501s.

Curious, I spoke to L.A. stylist Jessica de Ruiter about the jeans she swears by. “When you’re wearing 501s,” Jessica says, “you never look like you’re trying too hard. You don’t have to wear skintight jeans to be really sexy.”

According to Jessica, the trick is to pick a pair (of whichever brand) that’s 100% cotton, so they’re not stretchy. “Blue jeans are inherently work pants; there’s a history there, so I don’t want stretch,” she says. Also, with a classic fit, that magical butt is attainable. “The low-waist stretchy jeans we’re all used to cut your butt in half and flatten it,” she explains. “You don’t get that full, complete shape and curve that’s naturally sexy.”

The best fit for non-stretchy jeans is high-waisted and tight at the top. “Often, that means you buy a pair that’s a little too small at the waist and then you break them in,” says Jessica. “I also like when they’re a bit cropped. It’s flattering to show a little ankle bone.”

For new jeans, Levi’s just came out with a pair called the Wedgie, which are getting rave reviews, and the butt on these also looks great. If you want to go vintage, Jessica recommends Re/Done.

Levis 501s

Thoughts? Which jeans are you wearing these days?

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(Top photo from Kendall Sargeant on Instagram; bottom photo of Jessica de Ruiter in vintage Levi’s by Katrina Dickson via Jean Stories.)