9 Spring Trends

12 Spring Trends

Spring is just around the bend. (26 days, but who’s counting?) We’re of the mind that if you start thinking about spring fashion, the season will arrive sooner. Here are nine trends that will be big this year. Will you try them?

1. Off-the-shoulder tops. What is so sexy about a woman’s collarbone, of all things? In my twenties, I wore a green off-the-shoulder tee on dates. And I loved when the shirt would slip off just one shoulder. Peek-a-boo silhouettes are back this spring, so take a cue from style icon Jane Birkin, and add a little sexiness to warm-weather dates and strolls around town. Picks: This and this.

2. Bold stripes. Every girl we know has a smattering of blue-and-white striped shirts in her closet. But now regular stripes are being taken up a notch. We’re loving the new bright hues, alternating thicknesses and vertical directions. Picks: This and this.

3. Raw-edge denim. Denim comes in so many great shapes these days — wide-leg, cropped, flared — but one trend that stands out is raw, hem-free edges. Subtle fraying feels cool and casual, like you just stepped off the beach in Bolinas. Picks: This, this and these.

4. Romantic florals. Pretty blooms are cropping up everywhere (seriously, everywhere). But we especially love them on romantic dresses. Picks: This and this.

5. Lingerie-inspired styles. Post-college, it’s generally not acceptable to wear your pajamas in public. But this spring, wearing loungewear in public — like a silky dress on a dinner date, or a kimono-inspired top to work — is actually encouraged. (Just try not to nap at your desk.) Picks: This and this.

6. Silver. Shiny metallic is all over the place, but can be a bit much all over your body. Wearing silver accessories instead is still fun, but keeps the look more Tinseltown than Tin Man. Picks: This and these.

7. Saddle bags. Spring’s new bags feel feminine and almost playful. With the rounded shape, they’re a lovely companion for work, drinks and running around town. The hardest question is, what color? Picks: This, this and this.

8. Flat mules. Just when you thought it couldn’t get easier than slip-ons, these backless shoes are like, “You can put us on in under two seconds.” Slipper-inspired silhouettes are available in everything from work-y loafers to weekend-ready sneakers. Picks: These and these.

9. Block heels. Ladies, let us give a collective hallelujah. This spring’s stacked-heel shoes are much easier to walk in than pumps or stilettos, but every bit as cool. I reeeeeeally wasn’t sure of them at first, but they are growing on me big time. Thoughts? Picks: These and these.

Will you try any of these? What are you most looking forward to wearing this spring?

P.S. One trend we’ll never get tired of.

  1. Amy W says...

    Block heels- yuk! Flat mules? Will last 2 weeks in NYC before you’re just walking on the sidewalk.

    Love everything else!

  2. I think I’ll try the mule shoes and new striped t-shirts! Thanks for the list:)

  3. Great read. I enjoy all that you share, thank you!

  4. Charlotte says...

    Great stuff but it’s nice when you do posts like this and embed the images. That way we don’t have to open so
    Many windows to look at all the links.

  5. Terry says...

    Like them all – except – the lingerie and the very flat flats.
    I won’t be wearing the off the shoulder as I’m in my 70’s, BUT, I used to wear off the shoulder all the time when I was much younger. Still like the look on younger Ladies.

  6. Heather says...

    I really, really love the first floral dress that you linked to, and I will definitely wear that trend! Stripes are always chic.

    Block heel shoes ……..I think a thicker heel is pretty but I do not like the heels that literally are the size of a toddler’s building block! Clunky.
    I just got these Chloe sandals and they are amazing — a shorter, wider heel, but not so clunky.

  7. Anne says...

    It makes me feel very old that I’ve been through most of these trends once already… Still love a striped shirt though☺️

  8. I’m liking the off the shoulder tops and flat mules but I cannot get behind the block heels, they look frumpy.

  9. Oh that saddle bag from Zara is gorgeous! Must have!!

  10. Mags says...

    I’m having a baby mid-May so I kind of figured that any chance of being stylish this spring/summer was lost. But, that first floral dress which is billowy and nursing friendly (button-down) AND only $60. I’m in love. I think I’ve found what I’m wearing home from the hospital.

  11. Cynthia says...

    I had flat mules in the early 2000’s and loved them! I wore one pair until the leather cracked and I had to throw them out. I love metallic accessories, and I have a pair of silver flat Toms sandals I bought last summer. They go with everything. I’ve always loved and worn floral prints, so they’re never out of style for me. I have a black saddle bag, which is actually a miniature version of the saddlebags on a Harley-Davidson Soft-tail motorcycle. The bag has cream-colored piping and cute silver studs. It works with my dressy and my casual clothes. It’s available on the Harley Museum website, and for Harley stuff, it’s pretty affordable. I love block heels, as I’ve never worn stilettos. Block heels were popular in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Not a fan of raw edge denim or off the shoulder looks.

  12. Lauren E. says...

    Saddle bags are trendy?! Phew, now I can stop doing leg lifts. :)

    • Keri says...


  13. I am all over the chunky heels and the saddle bags. Not so much on the mules or the off-the-shoulder tops that make me look too broad.

  14. I love a lot of these trends, but I keep having 90s flashbacks and I feel like it wasn’t long enough ago to be repeating some of these things! I wore some of these trends in college, and I only graduated 15 years ago! (That being said, I will jump on the distressed denim and stripe trends like it’s my job.)

  15. Love flat mules! I haven’t noticed them before, but that could be because it still feels like the dead of winter over here :P I’ll definitely be looking out for some when it starts warming up! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  16. Silver clutch? Where would I fit diapers, wipes, snacks, water bottles, toy cars… I will honestly never wear/use most of these trends, but I LOVE you for sharing them. You’re helping a for ly hip, mom of three feel in the know. Now when I see someone wearing an off the shoulder tshirt, I’ll think she’s so cool, rather than isn’t she cold? :) Xo

  17. Nicole says...

    I’m pretty sure that #1 is just from Amanda and her extensive collection of off-the-shoulder tops on this season of The Bachelor! ;)


  19. Lauren Lyons says...

    I love the stripes + raw denim (always cool)– Might try the saddle bag if someone can pry my beloved totes off my arm. On the other hand, I most likely won’t try the off the shoulder style + I am still NOT sold on those stacked heels– they’re too “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

  20. I love the raw-edge denim shirt in the picture; any idea where that one is from?

  21. Those MNZ heels could totally make me cry!!! I so want a pair but I need to be good…

  22. I love the lapis ring ! I wear rings on the middle finger too and that one is perfect. I like the distressed jeans with just frayed edges, no holes, better for women over 20 :)
    I was lucky enough to be able to shop like a madwoman in Buenos Aires so I am still fully stocked in almost new clothes from there, warmer temperature clothes.
    I guess I should go back soon and shop some more , no ? lol
    I am fine with mules if strolling but I walk right out of them when walking around the city .. (nyc)

  23. Tiffany says...

    I can’t help but think of the cautionary consumerism tale “The Story of Stuff” ( Annie Leonard literally uses the skinny heel/Flat heel waffling trend as an example of how we’re all waste-creating, purchasing zombies! After watching that little movie, I at least try to go with my first assessment of a trendy item so that there’s a higher chance I’ll love it forever! =/

  24. I know that I’m biased (thanks for the link!!) but I wear those block heel shoes almost everyday (and all over nyc last weekend) and they are the best heels I have ever owned… :)

  25. Long live silver shoes!

  26. Gretchen says...

    Where is the beautiful lapis ring from?

    • Stella Blackmon says...

      Hi Gretchen! We can’t find that exact ring, but Madewell has beautiful lapis jewelry:

      Hope this helps!
      Stella xx

  27. Cristina M. says...

    I absolutely love these style/trend posts – thank you so much!

  28. Can’t wait to try them all, especially the raw edged denim! Looking forward to spring! Thanks!

  29. Eleftheria says...

    I hate flat mules & block heels.
    I love of-the-shoulder tops,raw-edge denim,silver metallic accessories and saddle bags are my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great post xxx

  30. Melanie Lane says...

    LOVE that ring! More info, please!?

  31. Block heels reminded me way too much of middle school at first- but now they’re kind of growing on me! +10 points for being able to walk in them!

  32. Katherine says...

    LOVE a block heel, but prefer a slightly higher heel (around 3 inches). It’s slightly more casual than a stiletto and waaaaay more comfortable.

  33. I actually really like quite a few of these but I think my unexpected favorite is the block heel! I have a pair of burgundy block heels that I love and of course, the Chanel slingback ones are perfection.


  34. Evalee says...

    Those block pumps remind me of hiding in my mother’s closet as a young child and trying on her shoes. I don’t know if I can do it… by the time I was a teenager I was begging her to burn them!!! It’s too soon.. or I’m actually aging and it’s been two decades, ohdearme.

  35. Meghan says...

    I’m so glad that off-the-shoulder tops are coming back right as my next baby is due! They make breastfeeding a breeze ;)

  36. JCR says...

    I don’t know about any of this for me personally (except for the saddle bags, which I feel are timeless). Everything is giving me major flashbacks to middle school, which is a life phase I’d rather forget. But I know there will be many cool chicks who are going to be able to pull it off effortlessly, and good for them. As an aside, don’t waste money on brand new raw edge denim. Just rip out the ankle seams of an old pair of jeans. Iron down the ripped out seams so they don’t bunch. Voila, raw edge/open hemmed jeans. Courtesy of my awkward 7th grade self, desperately copying all the other cooler 7th grade girls.

  37. yessss to off the shoulder tops! my absolute favorite style of top ever. subtle but sexy

  38. Ashley says...

    Love this list, but it would have been more fun with some photos!

  39. Jill says...

    Great picks. But I really can’t get behind silver shoes (maybe sandals?)…or any silver clothing really. Way too space-agey for my tastes!

  40. I am an admitted stripe hoarder and addict, so I’m always open to expanding my collection! One other tend I’m loving is the embroidered tops and dresses, and peasant blouses that are coming back into style! I just highlighted some of my favorite looks on my blog!


  41. Kate says...

    “Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.” ;-)

    Lots of great picks here! I love the off-the-shoulder look but will not commit to that much time in a strapless bra.

    • Suzanne says...

      Wear no bra! That’s my solution for seemingly everything. :)

    • Lol, I thought of the same Devil Wears Prada scene when I saw florals :)

    • Julie D says...

      Haha thought about Miranda right as I was reading that one!

  42. Where is that amazing lapis ring from? Thanks!

    • Scotti-Marie Leigh says...

      I love that ring!

    • HJM says...

      I wanted to know, too!

    • Kate says...

      Me too!

    • Stella Blackmon says...

      Hi Alison! We can’t find that exact ring, but we love Madewell’s lapis jewelry:

      Hope this helps!
      Stella xx

    • Kerstin says... makes beautiful gemstone rings with large stones. Jill does impeccable work and I believe she takes custom orders. She’s in NYC so she could probably source quality lapis pretty easily. I bought a pyrite ring from her about three years ago and always receive compliments on it. If you’re into blue stones, she currently has a beautiful rose cut tanzanite ring available (if you’re a size 6) –

  43. I’m 100% okay with all of these trends! I do wish slip on shoes were possible for me, but as a New Yorker – the amount of walking I do just doesn’t work well with those! They are super cute (I love the Madewell ones!)

  44. I’m always glad to see more stripes! I had to laugh at the Bolinas comment because whenever I stepped off the beach there, I was usually wearing a stinky old wetsuit and kelp ropes. Super cool jeans sound like a much more comfy option :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha maybe i should change that to “what i’d imagine you’d wear stepping off the beach at bolinas” :)

    • Emma Bee says...

      Yeah, Bolinas beach is kind of grungy. And they might get upset at being mentioned on a popular blog ;)

    • Erin Mary says...

      Haha I like the idea of cozy, dry clothes better anyway :)

    • Anna says...

      Shh! We don’t speak of Bolinas! ;)