Gift Guide Part #7: Your Hilarious Dad Who Always Answers the Phone When You Call (On the Treadmill, at a Movie, in a Meeting).

Genius Key Organizer

KeySmart, $20. This clever little invention (left) looks like a small army knife, but instead holds keys together. No more jangling!

Blue Cheese Sea Salt

Blue cheese sea salt, $9, to upgrade his steak, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Bacon Lovers Trio

Bacon lovers trio, $50, for a Sunday morning feast (and the world’s best BLTs).

Puffy vest

A warm, light vest, $49, for chilly walks together after lunch.

Humans of New York: Stories

Humans of New York: Stories, $18, the beautiful coffee table book that actually makes you a better person.

Fundamental Berlin frame

One of the cool frames from Fundamental Berlin, with a favorite family photo. $26. (Also available here.)

Teku Beer Glasses

Teku beer glasses, engineered for the ultimate beer-drinking experience. $30 for two.

J.Crew slim sweatpants

Cool-guy sweatpants, $64, with a slim fit and ribbed trim, that would look great even outside the house.

Andrej Urem Geometric Candles

A geometric candle to beautify his living room, $40.

Roald Dahl audio collection

Roald Dahl audio collection, $22, because he taught you to love those books (and you’re both psyched about the BFG trailer).

Rock Me Archimedes

Rock Me Archimedes, $35, a game of skill and strategy you know he’d love.

Lobster Seven Year Pen

Lobster pen, $8, which lasts for SEVEN YEARS (Toby will be 12!). Because dads should always have a functional pen.

Jeremy Goddard

Plane tickets to visit each other, because that’s all he really wants anyway.

P.S. More gifts for dads, and the COMPLETE 2015 gift guide!

(Candle photo by Cool Hunting. Frames via Miss Moss.)

  1. Amanda says...

    Whoa! Those picture frames are wonderful.

  2. So perfect! My dad’s birthday is right after Christmas and I was stumped as to what would be a good birthday gift. The Roald Dahl audio book collection will be perfect! Thank you for the wonderful list of ideas :)

  3. Em says...

    Dads are the best :) So true about the plane tickets!!

  4. Amy P says...

    Yay for the Vancouver Island love!! It’s even more beautiful here than you suspect :)

  5. Melanie says...

    SUCH a sweet picture of you and your sister with your father. Love. And thank you for your beautiful posts Joanna. Cheers.

  6. Colleen says...

    Going to buy HONY for Secret Santa and myself. I teared up at your headline and vowed to be that kind of parent. My father is currently in a home with Alzheimer’s and couldn’t call me on his own. So, embrace, enjoy.

  7. The plane tickets idea is awesome. Why didn’t I think of that?!

  8. dawn says...

    today’s gift guide is fantastic…blue cheese sea salt? yes!! would you ever consider doing a gift guide for teens? they are notoriously hard to find gifts for (other than the old standbys like money, gas + food gift cards, etc).

  9. Jo says...

    Oddly, this guide is my favorite so far for 2015! I love every single item mentioned here.

    My hubby’s looking (yes, he’s still looking!) for some cool gifts for his boss and his team (all men), so this will be so handy for me. Thank you, Joanna!

    PS) Your dad is so adorable. Nothing stops my dad from answering my phone calls either. He’s 72 and he learned to text so he could text me. Haha.

  10. I can vouch for the KeySmart. My boyfriend has a set of keys that a janitor would be proud of – and they were always jingling and it would drive me crazy. He bought the KeySmart and it’s seriously the best thing ever. Now you don’t hear him from an entire block away!

  11. Lucy says...

    Looking at the last picture of you and your sister with your dad as babies, and the picture of Anton in the next post, I can see exactly where he comes from! Happy holidays!

  12. I’m loving all the comments about people’s dad’s answering the phone at inconvenient times! My dad does it too…always at the movies or while ordering food at a restaurant. It’s so inconsiderate, but so so sweet!

    • Please forgive that apostrophe in “dad’s”! I’m so ashamed!

  13. Ladan says...

    What about the gift guide for coworkers?!

  14. although i love this list (because my dad would actually like all of the items), i love the title of it more. my dad will ALWAYS answer the phone, no matter what he’s doing– even when he’s in the middle of a golf game and probably doesn’t want to talk because he’s deep in concentration ;)

  15. Lisa says...

    Cold walks after lunch and a candle to beautify his living room!? May be taking it a little too far butttt the key organizer is awesome:) Thanks!

  16. Oh, that Roald Dahl audio collection is SO on point! My dad read almost all those books to me before I went to sleep (even when I was actually way to old for bedtime stories, woops).

    xx B

  17. Hannah says...

    Out of what seems like millions of gift guides I’ve seen this year on blogs, this is the first one for men that has actually had gifts that I have wanted to buy (and did). I love that there are no ‘generic’ gifts on here! Nice work

  18. Deidre says...

    Your gift guides are wonderful, Joanna! Any chance you will be posting one with ideas for all of the teachers/babysitters/hair dressers/mail people/gardeners and all of the other indispensable helpers in our lives? There’s so many people I want to give a little token to, but finding something that’s sweet and lovely without breaking the bank can be a challenge. Thank you!

  19. “Humans of New York” –totally saw that the other day, what you said ‘book that actually makes you a better person’–PERFECTO!

  20. Rebecca says...

    I love this guide, for both the ideas, and the beautiful tribute it is to your dad – your love for him shines through. :)

  21. alicia says...

    That 7-year pen lasts 1 year in law school!

  22. Nicole says...

    The title cracked me up… my dad does that too! He’ll answer even if it’s totally inconvenient for him to talk and I’m like why in the world did you pick up?! Its so endearing. :)

  23. Ahh, this was so helpful– I never know what to get my dad! I read HONY everyday, but for some reason, it never occurred to me to get my dad the book.
    That key organizer is genius, too. Thanks!

  24. Ashley says...

    If you are the child on the left in the last picture, you and Anton are twins! Adorable. Love the gift ideas!

  25. sally wrenn says...

    love the pajama pants…. ya’ll need to check out TommyJohn underwear… they are amazing and based in NY city….new concept for men!

  26. As with every gift guide you make, I end up finding something that I want – those geometric candles are adorable!! But that bacon set also has my fiancĂ©s name all over it! Love the list Joanna!


  27. Elizabeth Di Stasio says...

    I just wanted to say, I follow a few blogs but your gift guides are the absolute best. Good range of prices and the items are so thoughtful! Also, I just love your blog. I think it wins the internet ;)

  28. Jenn says...

    Wow– Anton looks exactly like you/your sister in that last photo!!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, you are so right. that is nuts, going to send to my family now :)

    • I was thinking the same thing!

    • Melissa says...

      I thought that was a picture of Warren Beatty!

  29. Alice Quin says...

    Great ideas, Jo and team! You have a way of figuring out what men would actually like, not just sports-themed paraphernalia. Thanks for the ideas.

  30. Jade says...

    Even though I’m a 25 year old lady this gift guide has been my favourite- the frame, key saver and new humans of New York book are now on my Wishlist!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      great!!! love to hear it! xo

  31. Stephanie says...

    I see Anton in you in that photo!

  32. Shannon says...

    Aww the headline made me smile. It’s so true-my dad always answers the phone and will be like “Hey, I’m in a meeting! Hey, I’m at dinner with friends.” I always say, “Dad, you know you can just let it go to voicemail!” He never does.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so sweet!!!! my dad will chit chat with us for like twenty minutes, and then i’ll say, “so, anyway, what are you up to tonight?” and he’ll be like, “oh, i’m on the treadmill at the gym.” OMG HANG UP THE PHONE!!!! hahaha. so sweet.

  33. The plane ticket gift idea took my heart away. That’s what all parents want, to see their kids :)