Genius Key Organizer

Genius Key Organizer

KeySmart, $20. This clever little invention (left) looks like a small army knife, but instead holds keys together. No more jangling!

Blue Cheese Sea Salt

Blue cheese sea salt, $9, to upgrade his steak, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Bacon Lovers Trio

Bacon lovers trio, $50, for a Sunday morning feast (and the world’s best BLTs).

Puffy vest

A warm, light vest, $49, for chilly walks together after lunch.

Humans of New York: Stories

Humans of New York: Stories, $18, the beautiful coffee table book that actually makes you a better person.

Fundamental Berlin frame

One of the cool frames from Fundamental Berlin, with a favorite family photo. $26. (Also available here.)

Teku Beer Glasses

Teku beer glasses, engineered for the ultimate beer-drinking experience. $30 for two.

J.Crew slim sweatpants

Cool-guy sweatpants, $64, with a slim fit and ribbed trim, that would look great even outside the house.

Andrej Urem Geometric Candles

A geometric candle to beautify his living room, $40.

Roald Dahl audio collection

Roald Dahl audio collection, $22, because he taught you to love those books (and you’re both psyched about the BFG trailer).

Rock Me Archimedes

Rock Me Archimedes, $35, a game of skill and strategy you know he’d love.

Lobster Seven Year Pen

Lobster pen, $8, which lasts for SEVEN YEARS (Toby will be 12!). Because dads should always have a functional pen.

Jeremy Goddard

Plane tickets to visit each other, because that’s all he really wants anyway.

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(Candle photo by Cool Hunting. Frames via Miss Moss.)