Gift Guide #7: Your Awesome Dad Who Still Calls You By Your Childhood Nickname and Always Fixes Your Bike When He Comes to Visit.

Rugged sweatshirt, $40, for his outdoor adventures. (This one is also nice.)

Bottle opener, $28, with a six-pack, for everything he’s done over the years.

eye-on-the-prizeEyes on the Prize documentary, $24, which was called one of the “essential documentary series of the 20th century,” and although the events talked about happened 50 years ago, it still feels as relevant as ever today.

babka-breads-bakery-nycChocolate Babka Pie, $49, because as Elaine Benes says, “You can’t beat a babka.”

Food: A Love Story, $16, with laugh-out-loud anecdotes by comedian (and father-of-five) Jim Gaffigan.

Whiskey wedge, a genius ice mold that keeps drinks cold without watering them down. $17.

Sriracha-to-go-keychainSriracha-to-Go Keychain, $7, because he won’t eat anything unless it’s on fire.

bananagramsA crowd-pleasing game, $14, to play together during the holidays. (This game also got fantastic reviews; and I just ordered this nerdy one because I secretly think it looks fun.)

Crunch snow ball stress reliever, $32, to keep on his desk.

Shearling slippers, $88, because they’re the Classic Dad Gift for a reason. (On sale here.)

Detroit tee, $28, plus a plane ticket home. Yes, Michigan! (These state tees are cool, too.)

P.S. More gifts for dads, and here’s the COMPLETE 2014 gift guide.

(Sriracha via A Continuous Lean. Babka via NYMag. Documentary via Kottke)

  1. These are great, but I like my whiskey watered down a little – or, if not, then I want it room temp. I don’t know many people who like whiskey cold but neat!

  2. Set is a super fun game! Totally nerdy in a sneaky way. Merry Christmas!

  3. Sriracha2go, perfecto. I like the idea of SET also. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Great gift ideas here! Thank you!!

    My favorite t-shirt company to rep my home state is Stately Type…Great gift ideas and I wear my Idaho shirt with honor! And I’m not paid to say any of this!

  5. The Sriracha is awesome! It’s always hard for me to think of what to get my dad, because it seems like he’s got everything he needs! I guess the trick is to find something he never knew he needed (until you gift it to him) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  6. speaking of state T’s this Michigan company has my favorite ones! I have “Smitten with the Mitten” and “Michigangster” check them out here

  7. No shame. SET is a wonderful game! Nerdy perhaps, but great fun for 2+ people. Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

  8. SET is the greatest game of all time! Not to brag, but I was the SET champion in my high school math class, so it holds a special place in my heart :)

  9. I think one of my favorite parts of your gift guides is how you describe everyone on your list. I’m totally adopting it this year. I think we don’t tell the people we love often enough what we love about them.

  10. I just ordered the whiskey wedge for my hubby and his buddy. They’re gonna LOVE it! I also ordered a ton of goodies from Mouth for my parents. They have SO much stuff in their house already, so food items make the perfect gift!

    Thanks for all of the ideas! I love your gift roundups!

  11. I simply adore Jim Gaffigan. Absolutely adore. Great call.

  12. I feel like SET was a test that I passed when I first meet my husband…and I passed because I love it too!!

  13. Fun ideas! Have to say that $7 for that Sriracha key chain is totally insane when you can buy a WHOLE 16 oz BOTTLE for $3……

  14. I immediately ordered the Sriracha key chain – genius! My husband is obsessed with Sriracha and I think this is going to be the best gift I ever gave him (besides our 3 children)! Thanks for the awesome tip!

  15. I love SET!!! My friends and I go through phases where we play it for hours and hours! I’m sure you’ll love it!

  16. your gift guides are the best !!!

  17. yp says...

    I def just ordered the Sriracha to go keychain for my dad. It’ll b right in time for russian xmas as the stock is on back order

    Im keeping 2 of the 3 pack for myself ;)

  18. Detroit Can’t Be Beat – YES!

  19. My family played the Set game a lot growing up! Good find : )

  20. SET is totally a fun game! You’ll enjoy it. It’s related game Quiddler is also a good time!

  21. I had SET as a kid–it’s super fun!

  22. That sriracha keychain is the best gift I’ve seen all year. Sign me up!!

  23. thanks for this guide… I love my dad so so much and think he is just the best person I have ever met… but it is so damn hard to make him a good or at leafs funny christmas present…
    Hopefully I finde something here – would make the christmas time much easier!

    Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-

  24. These are so cute. Its always hard to find a gift for my dad because he has everything he has ever wanted. I love the idea of slippers or board games, something cozy :)

  25. SET is a fantastic game, one of the best ever. Great for grownups and kids to play together.

  26. My dad wants Garth Brooks’ new album. (But I never had a childhood nickname. Half the time I wasn’t even sure he liked hanging out with me. But we’ve had our moments).

  27. I love a gift guide that strays from the traditional man-gifts. Plus, Bananagrams is the best!

  28. I love Set!!! I’m so glad you mentioned it because I haven’t played in years, and I’d love to dig it up and play again. It definitely takes a little while to learn the rules, but once you practice, the sets practically jump out at you.

  29. I have to know: What is your childhood nickname? MY dad still calls me “Loosky” (my name is Lindsey, and I have no idea how he made up that nickname.) I remember being embarrassed by it as a teenager, but now, as an adult, I find it so endearing. It always harkens me back to my childhood :)

  30. No one will play Bananagrams with me anymore because I’m too good at it :(

    p.s. I LOVE Set!