Hair Tutorial: Two-Minute Twist

Two-Minute Twist

Imagine this: You’re running late to a dinner date, but you want to dress up a little. This simple twist takes less than two minutes and adds instant elegance. Our hair-genius friend Reagan shows us the easy steps..

Two-Minute Twist

Reagan’s steps:

1. Create a deep side part. I like to start at the arch of my eyebrow and diagonally part the hair towards the middle with a rattail comb.

2. Gather the hair above your ear, leaving pieces down in the front for softness around your face.

3. Bend one hand back with your thumb facing down. Place your thumb over gathered hair and twist ponytail up and around it to create a tucked-under bun.

4-5. Slowly pull out your thumb.

6. Gently pull the bun vertically to give it a little more length.

7. Secure hair with bobby pins or U-shaped hair pins along the tucked edge of the bun.

8. Push hair up around the roots for extra volume and a finish with a light mist of hair spray.

Two-Minute Twist

Two-Minute Twist

Thank you so much, Reagan!

P.S. More hair tutorials, including a half-up crown braid and three twisted buns.

(Photos by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo. Styling and modeling by Reagan Baker.)

  1. Catherine says...

    Love this hairstyle!!! So quick and elegant. I wonder if you can make a video of this and create some more interesting hairstyles for long hair!!??❤️

  2. Sarah says...

    Would LOVE a tutorial on a few ideas for hairstyles you can wear to the pool/beach/lake–especially for shorter hair! I got a lob for the first time this winter, and while I love what it’s done for enhancing my curls and giving me a daily polished look, I am not sure what to do now that my old topknot is no longer an option…


  3. M says...

    I’ve done this for the last three days, and it is so fast and looks great. Thank you!

  4. I love love all your hair tutorials – would you be able to publish some for shorter hair? I have an above-the-shoulder long bob, and I love this idea however my munchkin hair does not really lay that gracefully in a twist like this, and doesn’t really handle braids (or updo’s in general) well… Would love to see some variety for hair types!

    Thank you!

  5. Geny says...

    This looks exactly like my wedding hairdo. Simple and classic!

  6. Lena says...

    I cannot rest until I know what brand and color of lipstick Reagan is wearing in the last photo!

  7. This looks so simple. I am such a noob when it comes to styling my hair, but I think that I might have success with this style. I just found your blog and I will be coming back for hair inspiration and how to’s.

  8. In LOVE with this twist!! So classic & chic

  9. Melissa says...

    The hair tutorials you post are always beautiful! But I do find it hard to follow the pictures, like what’s happening after photo 4? She holds the twist just through bobby pins? A video would be superb!

  10. This looks so pretty and cannot believe it was done in all of 2 minutes. I’m pathetic when it comes to hair – can’t even do a braid! Could you make a video? The thumb bit is confusing to me!

    Diana xx |

  11. Erin says...

    Would love to see some hair tutorials with curly hair or women of colour!

  12. Oh this is divine. I love these hair tutorials, but I need about six times the amount of hair (and maybe four more hands and 6 less cowlicks) in order to achieve them! That’s not a dig at the tutorials though, just me #thinhairproblems

  13. Um, this is simply stunning! Running out to purchase some much-needed bobby pins ASAP…

  14. Hannah says...

    Ahhhh, I so needed this! Perfect timing. Thank you, thank you!

  15. Ummm is that Reagan from Hairdresser on Fire?? Please tell her I miss her blogs! And she looks gorgeous, as always ;)

  16. wkwr says...

    Love this! Hair tutorials with videos would be extra super (though I know editing is time-consuming!!) xx.

  17. You make this look so easy! Anything that I can’t see looking straight into the mirror I really struggle with. I’ll have to give this a try!

  18. Lea says...

    Don’t give up curly girls! It took me a few times to get the hang of this, but it was worth it. The twist eliminates the poof that happens when some of us with curls try to wear the front of our hair pulled back.

  19. This is so pretty! I love your hair tutorials but I can’t never get them right since I have really curly hair. Would you considering doing tutorials for other hair types?

  20. A says...

    My hair is so thin and awful since giving birth, this would never work on me! Damn you baby hormones! I AM on the look out for a grey marl sweater though – could Reagan share where she got hers from?

  21. looks great but struggling to follow the photo directions. Not sure it will look as good on my straight hair but I will persevere!

  22. Erin says...

    Love the hairdo, but I second the comment about a video. I definitely need a play-by-play that I can re-watch to figure hair stuff out. Also, I never can figure out how to use a bobby pin correctly. It seems as soon as I start moving around, they start to slip & so does my hair. Any pointers would be helpful. Besides hairspray, did Reagan use any special hair products to help give her hair more texture and stay power? Thanks!

    • liz says...

      my hair is wildly wildly straight. Like no amount of product and heat will give it a curl. I have two bobby pin secrets: 1. those spin-pins (available at your local drugstore) have made it so a bun on my butt-length hair only takes 2 spin pins and maybe 2 bobby pins, not like 22 bobby pins; and 2. put your bobby pins on a paper towel, spray with hairspray/dryshampoo, use normally.

    • Melissa says...

      Me too! I have to share this cool website that I read about in this month’s InStyle called HiLovely. You can video chat with a hair stylist who will show you exactly how to get all sorts of looks. I think it’s such a cool idea (no affiliation, just also always have a hard time figuring out how to do styles from photos). the website is

    • Grace Kim says...

      Also, a tip most people don’t know about bobby pins is that the bumpy side goes down, not up ;)

  23. SJ says...

    I love a simple hair up-do. There is one very similar and actually easier that sticks even if you have extremely straight hair as I do. Just follow the first 2 steps pf this hair tutorial (sorry it isn’t the best, but the one I found at hand)

    I used to a wedding and everybody thought I had gone to the hairdressers.

    SJ –

  24. Pascua says...

    Joanna, I would love to hear your take on pixie cuts. Have you ever considered one? What kind would you get if you did? It would make a great little snippet article.

  25. i’m always looking for quick hairstyles for my hair – since i’m super lazy when it comes to these things! this one is perfect! so romantic looking and perfect for some holiday parties!

  26. Molly says...

    Love this hair style. Wish this was a video! I always have to learn by watching it over and over. Pictures never seem to work for me.

  27. Monika says...

    Maybe you could do some kind of post of hair tutorials for different hair styles? Many tutorials show a couple pins holding hair together and there is no way in this world that even a handful of pins would hold my thick, heavy hair once I start actually walking around.

    I also say above someone mention this wouldn’t work on their thin hair so… just a thought. :)

    • Monika says...

      Hair types** not hair styles. :)

  28. Jennie says...

    Regan manged to somehow get even more beautiful than the last time she was on here!

    Love this tip.

  29. Carmen B says...

    How beautiful and simple.

  30. Love this! I’m going to try it but it probably won’t work with ny super thick hair – it would take a LOT of bobby pins to keep it all up…

    • Katie says...

      I was just thinking the same thing. Joanna, I’d love to see some tutorials for people with thick, wavy hair!

  31. Looks very stylish! I’m definitely going to try this, although I’m always a little bit afraid of bobby-pin-only hairlooks since my hair is so heavy :)

    xx B

  32. How gorgeous! I’m going on a date with my husband tonight so going to try this. Always loved Reagan’s hair tips, been following HDOF Blog for years – she taught me how to blow dry my hair properly when I was in my teens and I’ve been grateful ever since!

    Nat Lewis
    Rocky Mountain Decals – Cute Wall Decals for kids, home and office!

  33. This looks lovely! Sadly, not really an option for us thin-haired girls. Or, at least not me.

  34. Liv says...

    Yay Reagan! I miss your blob!

  35. So simple and romantic!

  36. Mary Jenkins says...

    she’s gorgeous!

  37. What pretty hair! I just tried the look with my curly crazy locks, a different look than Reagan’s but it’s a great switch-up!

  38. Does anyone know where to get small u-shaped hair pins? I have really fine hair and- especially when I do a half up ‘do- they fall out/can be seen/are generally useless.

    • Anne says...

      I’ve found half-size bobby pins by Conair at Target and some drugstores. They’re much tighter than normal ones and perfect for thin hair :)

    • Thank you, Anne!! That’s super helpful :)