Three Twisted Buns

I’m excited to share another hair tutorial! You know those days when you want your hair to look pretty but you only have a minute? Well, my friend Caroline swears by this gorgeous set of three twisted buns (“like cinnamon rolls!” she says). So she came over to explain exactly how to do them, and the wonderful Jamie Beck took a few photographs. And guess what? They really were quick and easy.

Here are Caroline’s steps, if you’d like to try them out…

1. This style is so easy, it’s laughable. Day-old hair is best (which is true for most hairstyles, since it’s easier to work with hair that has a little dirt in it).

2. Divide your hair into three equal parts and quickly spray each section with a little hairspray to help give it hold. Let the hairspray set for a couple seconds, and then lightly comb it out.

3. Take the section on your right side, and twist your hair all the way down to the end. You want to twist counter-clockwise, toward your face. Wrap the right section in on itself, just like you’re making a little bun. Let some of the hair stick out, it’s ok (you don’t want them to look like Princess Leia buns).

4. Pin the right bun in place. I like to use these mini bobby pins, since they’re easier to hide and they’re coated in rubber so they hold your hair better.

5. Next, twist the middle section clockwise and pin. Then twist the left section clockwise and pin.

6. Spray the three buns with a little more hairspray, and you’re done!

See? Super simple!

Here’s the look, feminine and easy breezy. What do you think, my darlings? Thank you so much, Caroline and Jamie! xoxoxo

P.S. Past hair tutorials, including the perfect side ponytail and braided top bun.

(Photos by the fabulous Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Caroline’s shirt is from Cardigan.)

  1. Great article. Jamie’s photography skills is wonderful.

  2. I love Caroline’s hair tutorials and her line
    Thanks for sharing!
    great blog

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  9. This triple bun looks awesome! I had my husband verify that I was evenly distributed. I did have to lower the first bun a bit but he said it was too cute! Yay! I have medium length wavy and oh so frizzy blondish hair and am in love with bun-dos. 37 isn’t too old for a cute do! THANKS for the great instructions and photos. I feel like a Pro!

  10. just did it this morning. very easy, good-looking alternative to the mom ponytail. linked image to my pin it, do it post at

  11. This is so cute! I’m going to wear it to my school dance, it’ll look great! All my friends will be jealous, and all the guys will be drooling… :) thanks so much

  12. I love this hair tutorials !I will be trying this month. So beautiful and easy!

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  13. loved the hair tutorials ! I will be trying this next month .So beautiful and easy!
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  14. loved the hair tutorials ! I will be trying this next month .So beautiful and easy!
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  15. loved the hair tutorials ! I will be trying this next month .So beautiful and easy!
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  16. Anonymous says...

    oh my, what an adorable hairstyle, i just noticed that the final result picture was a subtle and gorgeous GIF.

  17. I just tried this today — super adorable, and I love that it works on shorter hair, too!

  18. The link to the mini bobby pins with the rubber coating is erroring out. Help! I want them!

  19. Oh how awesome! I am so doing this on both me and my daughter!!! THANKS!!!

  20. Jennifer Lewis says...

    On a whim I wore my hair like this on a little date night with my husband a few weeks ago. Coupled with a new dress, it made me feel so pretty! Thanks for the fun idea.

  21. Valerie says...

    I just did this today and I’m a very no nonesense, hair in a pony type of girl, and it was so easy and everyone at work thought I got my hair done by someone in the morning! Thanks so much!

  22. megan says...

    Thank you for posting these hair tutorials! I never thought I could do my own hair, but I recently tried this look as well as the messy side pony. I am totally in love with how ridiculously easy and instantly chic these are! You are the best!

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  24. That last shot is very Harry Potter. It’s unsettling but awesome at the same time. Thanks for sharing! This was a great tutorial!

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  26. i absolutely love this! i usually throw my hair in a bun and run out but i did the buns this morning and it was great. thank you!

    do those mini-pins work? i have thick, long hair and i’m using regular bobby pins but they’re sticking out all over the place!

  27. Another winner! Please keep these tutorials coming. They’re a great way to brighten a tedious work day.

  28. I loved this so much, I had to try it out and featured it on my blog. Thanks!

  29. Beautiful and that last “still photo” with the hair just slightly moving is fantastic! I have no idea how it’s been done but it’s just amazing! Awesome post!

  30. I love this, can’t wait to try it! x

  31. sunkiss says...

    wow love it!! just too cute~

    but i found it is difficult to twist by my left hand for my right part of hair ~~ hahaha~~~

  32. Woah, just realised that her hair is moving in this pic!

  33. I love the ombre hair she has! Just had it done myself in fact although doesn’t quite look as good as hers!


  34. Awesome little do .. thaks for taking the time to post this. I found your blog from a blog called makin ink they were talking about a hair tutorial. Anyhoo had to take a bit to look at the picture above thought i was loosing my mind. The hair was all moving had ask myself is it yea no wait hmm maybe lol

  35. I love this hairstyle, so so cute! Will be trying this out :)

  36. tonight I am going out I am gonna try this!!!!

  37. Thanks for the tutorial! Just might rock this ‘do tonight!

    Easy Does It

  38. I adore these tutorials! I want to try this tomorrow.

  39. This is rocking my socks – I’ve tried two buns before but have such thick hair that wrangling them has been impossible – three is just the ticket!



  40. so cute!
    I just found your blog. through a giveaway I’m having on mine you can check t out if you want I don’t want ti link and spam ya

  41. love, love, love!

    my hair is only shoulder length and in between styles, i have no idea what to do with it!

  42. I really needed this because I just had a baby and my hair is not really on my list of priorities these days. This is quick and lovely! BTW how did you make it look like her hair was moving in the last picture? It looks awesome!

    – Sarah

  43. Thank you, Jo! I recreated this on my day-old tresses this morning, and it looks so pretty…I think a red lip is in order!

  44. Fantastic!! Thank you so much.

  45. This is wonderful, thank you!

  46. I’ve worn this style twice so far, since your post, so thank you! I have very thick, long hair, but it’s very easy to do and looks great.

  47. So cute! I’ll definitely give it a try!

  48. I love these – keep the coming! What fun!

  49. I wanted to tell you – i’ve done this the past 3 days, and while I need a few more bobby pins to pull it off, it works on short hair too! thanks!

  50. Simply stunning! Love the feeling of these photos, and Caroline is absolutely beautiful. Great lip color, too!

  51. Wow, really like the hairdo!
    But I think it won’t work with curls so good.

  52. She is so gosh-dang beautiful.

  53. another un expected upside to this is the great curls that framed my face after a day at work. i really felt like i let my hair down, when we went out everyone was commenting on my great waves! so loving this !! thanks HEAPS!!

  54. Lill says...

    more of these, please! I love practical things I can try at home.

  55. I just LOVE your hair tutorials :) :) My hair looks extra super cute on not so hot hair days because of you.

    xx Shannon

  56. Absolutely LOVEE! I will try that for sure. Thanks! Love the blog!

  57. aaaah I must try it! I’ve tried sometimes, but my hair is too long and heavy, and it never stays!

  58. This is genius! Love these hair posts! There is so much fashion inspiration out there (don’t get me wrong, it’s great) but very little inspiration for the one things ladies spend the most time on – hair! Can’t wait to try it!

    x Meghan x

  59. This is super lovely, I’ll certainly be trying this out (tomorrow, I’ve just washed my hair) and I’ll be checking out the links too!

  60. Tried this tonight for a house party! So much fun with red lipstick!

  61. I love these! I did the messy ponytail and my husband loved it! Thanks!

  62. this is genius! i just tried it and it took five minutes and its ADORABLE!! thanks so much for sharing! :)

  63. Wowza! That red lipstick is amazing! As is the hair…and the animated last shot!

  64. I love that bottom and final photo. The slight breeze in her hair makes it look like a photo out of Hogwarts!

  65. wow. that hairdo makes my heart melt. thank you!

  66. oh thank you kind kind lady.

  67. Oh my god, greatest post ever. Love the photos, love the hairstyle, LOVE!

  68. I love the hair tutorials, keep them coming!


  69. Caroline is so beautiful and has such great style. I’d love to see her engagement ring. I’m in search of something simple and a little different and I adore her jewelry line.

  70. estupendo tutorial, muy lindo peinado, gracias por el dato ;D

  71. beachy hair, structured elegant updo…thanks for these ideas! can’t wait to do more :) xoxo

  72. You always post the best hairspiration! Thanks for getting me out of my pony tail funk.

  73. I just did a post similar to this! I love this style! I also found one that’s kind of a french twist look with buns. I’m gonna try it out this weekend.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  74. Beautiful! I’m gonna try this right away to go dancing tonight! Thanks for the nice tutorial.

  75. ack! that final photo is creepin’ me out! i’m glad to know other people were seeing it move too…i thought i was going crazy for a sec.

  76. this does look absurdly easy. i am so trying it this weekend. thank you!

  77. Sweet..thanks, I’ll try for my dinner date tonight:)

  78. This is genius. I am trying it today. I have to teach a college class and this will help me look classy and chic. So beautiful-the real trick is if I can actually make mine look like this.

  79. Love!! Going to try this tonight with my strapless denim dress to show off my neck and a pair of fabulous earrings! Thanks Joanna, Caroline & Jamie! xo

  80. this is making me wish I hadn’t washed my hair last night! I’ll definitely be trying this out next week.

  81. My hair is now made of 3 cute little buns. Love this!And no-one will know that I should have washed my hair. xx

  82. @Joanna – I tried this look before hitting the gym last night. It was surprisingly easy and held up nicely while doing endless sprints, jumping Jacks and push ups. Next up: I’m wearing it to a friend’s engagement party. Thanks so much for sharing this new ‘do. It’s a lot of fun! xoxo.

  83. I love! I never thought my hair would be able to do these things, so I tried this morning and voila! I will be obsessed now trying different ones. I have a favor if you get this. I am in the military and have a Dinner Function in dress uniform. Are there any sleek or structured yet elegant tutorials you’ve done? I would like to look almost Audrey Hepburn – like! Similar to this….

  84. This is sooooo cute!!! I am def going to try!!!! Thanks for the step by steps!!!!! DO you think Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld would wear!?!? Just sat down and interviewed her….quite the fashionista!!

  85. This morning I was doing the usual, “If I don’t take a shower I can stay in bed for 15 more minutes.” And before even crawling out of bed I happened to read your blog on my phone. I now have a few cute buns in my hair and voila! I feel cute and refreshed. Thanks for the tutorials, keep them coming!

  86. wow! hair tuts! so perfect for me right now — i’m trying to grow my hair out… and most days, i’m just so sick of seeing the same hair!thanks!!

  87. This look is awesome! I love the slightly messy look of it- interesting but not overdone. I’m definitely trying this one out tomorrow!

  88. Oh thank you Jo!

    Thats incredible, the only hairstyle i could do was a ponytail…
    But since i found your post about that wedding updos, there was a kind of breakthrough.
    Now i love it to twist my hair in different ways. No boring ponytail anymore ;)

    Greetings from Germany

  89. You have the best hair tutorials! Your friend Caroline is beautiful..loving her lipstick and stripes :) And of course, of course, the ‘do!

  90. How is it that her hair is moving in that last photo?!? I’m not hallucinating, am I? Yikes.

  91. Yay! I love hair tutorials!

  92. so so pretty and easy, just what i like to see!

    she is so gorgeous too!

  93. just found this blog. so girly. you have a new reader

  94. I love this! Thank you for these tutorials. They are part of the reason I come to your blog! Thank you. Really awesome style!

  95. Anonymous says...

    Very lovely ! Can you give some ideas to what kind of hairstyle will you do if you were to attend a hip hop themed party !

  96. great fun, I might try this at the weekend, thanks

  97. This is great! Do you think you could some day have a hair tutorial for naturally beach wavy/curly hair? I can’t really brush my hair when it’s dry. It tangles and cracks.

  98. That looks so simple yet so fabulous! Must try in a few days when when my hair is a bit dirty ;)

  99. I love Caroline’s hair tutorials and her line of jewelry too! She is a true beauty.

  100. kaela d. says...

    the hair blowing in the last picture really just blew my mind. my boyfriend and i just broke up and i thought that i was hallucinating through the tears….hahaha i have short hair but the post was obviously still worth the read : )

  101. So cute, totally trying this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!