Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

The best movies make you completely forget you’re watching a movie. But! It’s also fascinating to get a peek behind the scenes. Anatomy of a Scene asks directors to narrate a few minutes of a film, and explain how they coached actors, set up props and handled awkward slip ups. I love them! Just for fun, on this chilly Tuesday, here are six of my favorite behind-the-scenes…

Wes Anderson’s line about the actor who didn’t want to pretend to do CPR made me laugh; also check out these awesome Grand Hotel Budapest gifs!

This last movie, Brooklyn, is playing in select theaters, but will be released nationwide on November 25th. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a — very rare — 99% rating. Will you see it? (I’m reading the book, which is fantastic so far.)

Aren’t these cool? Which good movies have you seen lately? Alex and I watched Good Will Hunting the other day — it really holds up!

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