What Are Your Random Turn-Ons?

In the wide world of human attraction, there are expected turn-ons (a good sense of humor, a kind heart). And unexpected ones….

When I was 10, I (like many hot-blooded tweens at that time) was in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas from the sitcom “Home Improvement.” The Lion King was at the height of its popularity, and I sometimes carried a stuffed Simba, who was voiced by my crush. When you squeezed its paw, JTT’s voice crooned, “We’ll always be together.” I played it 12 million times. That stuffed lion was, perhaps, my first experience with a random thing that gave me butterflies.

In the years since, I have often been surprised by the things that catch my eye. A tattered paperback on the subway, a perfectly starched shirt, blue veins running through hands and forearms.

Curious, I took a poll of the men and women in our shared workspace, and here are some other random turn-ons…

– Foreign language skills. Like when Bradley Cooper revealed that he speaks fluent French.

– A half smile. “Like she has a little secret.”

– Loafers with no socks. “Seeing the ankle is key.”

— Windbreakers, fleeces. “Especially when paired with cold cheeks.”

– Carrying a pocket knife. “If I needed my old-school Coke bottle to be opened on the street, he could just do it. Or if I needed a fire to be started, he might have flint.”

– Scars. “Think: the eyebrow scar on that guy from 90210.”

– Overhearing your partner sounding authoritative and intense on a work phone call. “It’s like a secret side you didn’t know existed.”

Last night, I turned to the new man in my life. “We were talking about random turn-ons today,” I said. “Care to share some of yours?”

“Everything I like is very specific to you,” he said, because he is smart.

“Like what?” I asked.

“I like to watch you read,” he said, because he is special.

What are your random turn-ons? Please share them! We’d love to hear.

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(Illustration by Alessandra Olanow for Cup of Jo)