One question that readers often ask is, “I just found out I’m pregnant. What do I need to know?!” My answer would be… Congratulations! Hope you’re feeling well. In case it helps, here are 12 posts about pregnancy and birth, which I wrote while expecting Toby and Anton. I remember what an exciting but disorienting time pregnancy was! (After all, as a friend once told me, “You’re growing a soul.”) Hope these posts help a little as you navigate these months…

What If You Have a Hard Time Conceiving a Baby?
Pregnancy Survival Guide
What to Register for Your Baby
The Best Book for Mothers-to-Be
Are You Having a Boy or a Girl? 12 Old Wives Tales…
What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?
On Having a Boy

Our Birth Story
Alex’s Side of the Birth Story

New Parenthood:
My Motherhood Mantra
8 Confessions of a New Dad
5 Beautiful Parenting Tips

Breastfeeding (if you choose to):
On Boobs
Breastfeeding in Public

Also, for your last couple weeks of pregnancy, a site to send to everyone you know.

Of course, let me know if you have any questions or things you’d like to chat about, and we can discuss together in the comments, or I’ll try to put together a post with various answers. Pregnancy can be overwhelming, and I’m a big believer in mothers helping one another. Lots of love and congratulations! xoxo