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  4. How cute! I love that you guys are exposing little Toby to the arts at such a young age!

  5. I don’t even know why, but these are too funny! How clever!

  6. he looks so tiny <3 and like he is silently critiquing it

  7. Hey! That’s just what we did over the weekend! * and hoping to continue this one too!*



  8. Love this! He is a total natural.

  9. Anonymous says...

    Hilarious Beautiful photo
    Grandpa needs a red hat.

  10. Anonymous says...

    so freaking adorable!

  11. Adorable!!!! I can’t help but be jealous, I miss gallery hopping in NYC :) I can’t wait to hear Toby’s gallery critic.

  12. How cute! I love that you guys are exposing little Toby to the arts at such a young age!

  13. This photo makes me happy, too.

  14. Apparently my writing friend who writes for Fit Bottomed Mamas went thru the same thing you went thru but she had no clue why. I sent her your post :) ♥ you’re helping so many women figure it out.

    glad you made it thru unscathed and can now enjoy the simple sweet moments.

  15. very very cute!

  16. So AWESOME! Such a great photo! Totally made me smile too :)


  17. This photo is so funny. He’s too cute!

  18. Shannon says...

    Freaking adorable. I love this picture!

  19. Anonymous says...

    So cute – how cultured he will be! Better crack out the crayons.

  20. LScott says...

    Super cute! x

  21. El says...

    He is the cutest!!!! BTW- I started A History of Love last night, per your recommendation, and I am hooked already! So beautifully written…can’t put it down. Thanks!

  22. This is hilarious. Cutest little art patron ever.

  23. Haha so cute. He looks really into it ;-).

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  25. Sally says...

    “Great oaks from little acorns grow…” :o)

  26. what a little man! :D

  27. I’ve been back to your blog a few times today b’c that photo is so ridiculously cute.

    Thanks for sharing all of your stories. Your Toby and mine are about the same age, so your words are often advice/joy/commiseration.

  28. wow, great shot! what a little man! he’s going to love this pic when he gets older!

  29. This is ADORABLE!

  30. Jo says...

    What could be sweeter than your little guy in his red hat?? Frame this!!! My one year old son makes me thrilled to he his momma every day, even when he breaks iPhones and tries to play in the toilet!

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  32. oh my word. i love this.

  33. adorable♥ I would love to go gallery hopping, I long for a good museum.

  34. Anonymous says...

    This is soooooo cute.. I die!!

  35. OMG so cute! I think his red toque puts it over the top for me.

  36. What a great picture. It makes me think of the book Olivia, which you may or may not have read since it is a girl kid book.

  37. Ohhhh…emmmmm….geeeee…He is so CUTE! I love this! This is mindblowingly adorable!

  38. Anonymous says...

    This is such a cute picture! Toby looks so tiny compared to those big men.

  39. I’ve always loved the idea of taking kids to see art and “unstuffing” the sometime “stuffiness” of it. Just a couple of weekends ago, my brother and I took my 5-year-old nephew to an art museum and I had fun with him identifying parts of certain paintings and sculptures.

  40. Great photo :)

  41. Oh that sweet boy! It is so fun to pal around with them, isn’t it?! That little pose in a red hat and green jacket, love! Milo has a little green rain coat that makes my heart swell every. time.

  42. I wonder what he’s thinking while he ponders the art?!

  43. very cute!

  44. Any tips on picking galleries to visit? I’m going tomorrow with my in-laws!

  45. ahahahahaha. that is the cutest!

  46. I love that picture! Now, I want to take our baby to a museum.

  47. Crazy cute!

  48. Anonymous says...

    This is just adorable!

  49. Love this photo!!!

  50. Oh my goodness, this picture makes me want to write a children’s book about Toby at the museum. Love it!

  51. This is too cute! My friend and I have a saying, regarding babies, “That is so cute, it makes my uterus hurt!” Definitely applicable on Toby’s pictures :)

  52. this photo is a keeper! so precious and hilarious at the same time : ) it looks as if he is really analyzing that artwork!!


  54. He’s an art critic in the making! SO sweet! x

  55. Ha! What a great pic.

  56. look at his little body! his smallness is only accentuated by all those layers!

  57. Augh- a tiny hipster! I love his little red hat!
    And he looks pretty at home in that gallery too.

  58. So cute! I need to start checking out some galleries. Any recommendations on ones?

  59. Very cute! I am always impressed when I see families with little ones at art galleries and museums. Too many people are probably afraid to bring their kids – but it’s a great experience for them! Good for you!

  60. I just squealed & the cat jumped:)

  61. So cute! I work with galleries all day so this was super fun to see. :)

  62. H* says...

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh he’s adorable!

  63. What a cutie! :) Definitely made me smile when I saw this.

  64. Such a sweet capture! What a mini-connoisseur he is.

  65. This photo is adorable, I have a feeling that Toby is going to be very cultured which is awesome! :)

  66. so darling. makes me smile too!

  67. That is adorable! His body language suggests he is genuinely moved. And he is such a little guy!! Hehe.

  68. Cute, cute pic! And your post about depression – very thoughtful and brave. I always sort of slouch through this time of year – where is SPRING? In fact, my last blog post is about Winter Doldrums. Glad you are feeling so, so much better!

  69. Anonymous says...

    Toby looks so at home in the gallery!

  70. Such an adorable photo! He is too cute!

  71. You have a wonderfully adorable family.

  72. He is such a well-cultured little guy! :) hehe!

  73. thank you so much, emma :) so amazing, bolstering and fascinating to hear from SO many mothers who went through the same thing. we really are all in this together!!

  74. that`s a keeper. i`d have it in a frame.

  75. awww that is a fantastic shot! and I LOVED your Monday post, I suffered PPD after both births of my girls and it was the scariest, loneliest, darkest feeling . . . i sought the help of a postpartum therapist, but i think sharing these things are the most important gift mammas can give to each other (i shared my stories on my blog). . . you are a beautiful soul xoxox E