A Mist Opportunity

A Mist Opportunity

Everyone can use a facial mist! Here is why...

6 Date Conversation Topics

Date Conversation Topics

What do you talk about on dates? These 6 questions lead to great conversations...

Dating Conundrum: Dinner vs. Drinks

Dating Conundrum: Dinner vs. Drinks

On navigating the early days of a new relationship.

Statement Sandals

An Ode to Statement Sandals

How do you keep your summer uniform feeling fresh? Two little words...

What's in a Name? | A Cup of Jo

What’s in a Name?

Just how important is it to call people by their name?

My Vacation Mistake

That one time Caroline packed the wrong thing.

12 Relationship Tips From a Wedding Reporter

Ellen McCarthy, author of the book "The Real Thing," and Washington Post weddings reporter, shares what she's learned about couples.

Williamsburg Loft Tour

Cup of Jo editor Caroline lives in a Brooklyn loft that was once a pasta factory.

On Living Alone

Five (weird) things Caroline has learned from living on her own.

Caroline’s Five Favorite Books

She was a book editor! She knows her stuff!