Pajamas for Summer Vacations

Earlier this spring, we went to California with another couple. The first morning, I stumbled into the kitchen in a ratty T-shirt and boxers, while my friend C. was making eggs in these oversized men’s pajamas. She looked gorgeous and adorable, and I loved how her pjs were so big and comfy.

Pajamas for Summer Vacations

We’re having some houseguests and taking a couple trips this summer, and I’d love to pad around in real pajamas. (Remember how cute Mimi-Rose looked in “Girls”?) On vacation with friends, you spend so much time in PJs — especially with babies starting the morning at 5:30 a.m.; Anton, I’m looking at you — and it would be nice to feel cute and fresh instead of like you just crawled out of the dirty clothes hamper. Here are five pretty pairs: pink, hearts, striped, navy, white.

What do you wear to bed? Pajamas? A T-shirt? Nothing at all?

P.S. Initial necklaces, and the random thing to pack for vacation.

(Top photo by A House in the Hills)