When Anton was born, we were perplexed—he didn’t look like anyone in our families. “Who does he look like?” asked all our friends. “No one,” we said. “It’s a mystery!”

But the other day, Alex and I were watching a Tigers vs. Red Sox baseball game, and I kept staring at the Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer. “He reminds me of someone,” I told Alex. “But I can’t figure out who.” Alex was barely listening to me, since he was trying to focus on the game, but all of a sudden, he turned to me and said, “Oh my God, he looks just like Anton.”

It was hilarious. And true.

Who do your kids look like? (You? Another relative? A celebrity?) Do you have a look-a-like?

P.S. Accidental twins, and complete strangers who look exactly like twins.