Accidental Twins

Yesterday afternoon was sunny and gorgeous, so Toby and I met friends at Washington Square Park. Everything was going swimmingly…until I realized that I was dressed exactly–exactly–like my friend’s four-year-old son. I sometimes tease myself for dressing like a ten-year-old boy, but I guess I was six years off. :)

(Photo by my friend Ashley.)

  1. Haha..That is so cute! I don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but did you notice that the lady in the green coat also seems to be wearing the same outfit under her coat? (Striped top, jeans, though we can’t see the shoes…) what are the odds? :-)

  2. Ha ha ha, nice champ!this is so hilarious!!

  3. oh my lord, that is hilarious. that is definitely something that would happen to me. props for taking it like a champ! i love your style!

  4. This is effing HILARIOUS! The same exact thing happened to my friend at the Barcelona airport. The outfit was ankle-length black leggings, jean skirt, white top with black cardie, and converse. We quickly snapped a photo of her and the five year-old girl and laughed for ages.
    Really gets you feeling feminine and ladylike, aye?

  5. hahah this is so hilarious!! :)

  6. Even down to the shoes! What are the chances. You two look so cute!

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  8. This is so cute! He must’ve thought he dressed like a girl.

  9. this is awesome. And I’m with you on this one…my playground uniform is quite similar to yours and this little guy’s except my cons are a gold/silver glitter and sometimes I alternate them with casual boots:) ha

  10. wow- hilarious!! glad you could find humor in that- you look just as cute as a 4 year old- but prettier:)

  11. Too funny! You both look wonderful. And if you look at the lady behind you in the green sweater she is wearing the same striped shirt and jeans too! Can’t see her shoes though. :)

  12. In that case, I think I do too!

  13. Love it! That is one highly-fashionable four year old. Stripes, converse and skinny jeans are definitely one of my go-to outfits, so I guess I dress like a four-year-old too.