Ten-year-old Anton and 13-year-old Toby have made us laugh since they were belly-forward toddlers. And the most random stuff still pops out of their mouths. Here are a few conversations we’ve had lately…

Me, at bedtime: “Would you like a song or a story?”
Anton: “Let’s just chat.”
Me: “Great, what do you want to chat about?”
Anton: “Why don’t you ask me a question, like…out of all your friends, who would survive a zombie apocolypse?”
So, I asked him that and he had a 10-minute answer and the final reveal was….drumroll….HIM!

Toby and Anton in Conversation Preteens

This face never doesn’t make me laugh

Anton: “Mommy, I’m not materialistic. I just love watches, jewelry, clothes and cars.”

Me, helping Toby study for a vocabulary test with the word “glance”: “Okay, this word means to look quickly at something.”
Toby: …
Me: “It starts with a g.”
Toby: …
Me: “It starts with a gl.”
Toby: “…glook?”

“This year, I want Christmas to be my THING.” — Anton

Toby and Anton in Conversation Preteens

Toby, at our neighborhood Italian restaurant: “So, should we each choose a pasta and then just get a pizza for the table?”

Plus, the funniest texts from Toby, always. There’s a lot of existential angst around phones (which I feel, too), but no one tells you how hilarious it is to text with your kids. Definitely a silver lining:

Toby and Anton in Conversation Preteens

Toby and Anton in Conversation Preteens

What funny things have the kids in your lives said lately? I want to hear…

P.S. More conversations with Toby and Anton, and what little things do your kids find enchanting?