Our new neighborhood faces the Hudson River. This means that it’s extra cold and windy in the winter (we’ve been warned by all our neighbors!), and we’re a bit farther from restaurants and stores, but the flip side is that the evenings are so, so beautiful.

Yesterday we had a pretty stressful day — Anton wasn’t eating, I was exhausted from never sleeping (not to be such a broken record about it!) — and, while Alex took Toby to Shake Shack, my plan was to take Anton for a walk, call my mom and burst into tears. But when we got outside, we saw this sunset and everything felt better. The fresh air, the pink sky, the sound of water lapping. Thank you, New York, sometimes you really come through in the clutch.

(My little walking buddy.)

P.S. Hope I don’t sound like such a psycho all the time! These early baby months are no joke. :)